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Responsible parents who have little children occasionally require the services of baby-sitters and will give the ‘temporary guardians’ spoken and written instructions on caring for the little ones.

It is expected that the parents will exercise due care in selecting ‘baby sitters’ and that their instructions will be simple, clearly stated and useful (i.e. emergency contact information, meal and/or snack options, recreational activities and bed times, etc.).

Reasonable parents don’t expect the baby sitter to follow a detailed minute by minute schedule but presume the baby sitter will exercise good judgment in caring for the children.

Having said this, it is important that the baby sitter doesn’t take the ‘reasonable leeway’ given to them to carry out their mission and then toss the instructions out and invent their own ‘methods of operation’. This would not be fitting, appropriate or responsible and such action would jeopardize not only the children’s safety but the opportunity to get additional  baby-sitting jobs from these parents and the loss of a good ‘letter of recommendation’ should one be desired, in the future, by the baby-sitter.

Baby-sitters, baby-sitting instructions, good baby-sitters, good kids, good parents… those are nice, but…

What happens when you have a good baby sitter who has to deal with bad children of bad parents? Now we have a situation when the ‘good baby-sitter’ must have the strength and virtues to bear a heavy cross in the prudent and responsible performance of the mission. Hopefully, at the end of the job, everyone will end up ‘better off than before.’

But what happens in the case where a ‘bad baby-sitter’ is accidentally hired to take care of good children of good parents? Now, we are talking: ‘Danger!’

Let us pray for parents and their children.

Let us pray for baby-sitters.

Dear Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and our Mother and Queen, we beseech thee to offer the Blood of thy Divine Son Jesus, to the Eternal Father to protect families that rely on baby-sitters. We pray that parents will exercise good judgment in selecting qualified and responsible helpers to watch over the little ones and that baby-sitters will be patient, loving and kind in carrying out their obligations and that children who are being watched by their sitters will be obedient, docile, helpful and kind. We ask these things for the greater honor and glory of God, through His Son Jesus Christ, but not our will but His will be done. Amen.

Dear Jesus, Thank You for the graces You bestowed upon the Blessed Virgin Mary and upon all of Your Angels and Saints. Amen.