Prayer To Saint Joseph

[English]                                                                             [Latin]

O Joseph,                                                                      O Ioseph,

virgin-father of Jesus,                                             virgo Pater Iesu,

most pure Spouse of the Virgin Mary,             purissime Sponse Virginis Mariae,

pray every day for us to the same Jesus,         quotidie deprecare pro nobis ipsum Iesum 

the Son of God,                                                          Filium Dei,

that we,                                                                          ut, 

being defended by the power of His grace     armis suae gratiae muniti legitime

and striving dutifully in life,                                et certantes in vita,

may be crowned by Him                                       ab eodem coronemur

at the hour of death.                                               in morte.

Amen.                                                                            Amen.

[An indulgence of 500 days; Pius X, rescript in his own hand, Oct. 11, 1906, exhib. Nov. 26, 1906; S.P. A., May 23, 1931]


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