Saints are all the holy beings in Heaven who are with the Triune Divinity. The saints include the Angelic spirits and the souls of humans who have ‘passed their earthly test’ and are clean of any hint of sin.

The greatest of the human saints is the Blessed Virgin Mary: Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception, the Most Favored Daughter of the Eternal Father, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mother of Our Savior, Queen of All Creation, Empress of Heaven and Earth, the Queen of The Angels…

Currently, using our earthly sense of time, there are only two beings in Heaven with glorified bodies: the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son Jesus Christ (the Hypostatic Union). The rest of the Heavenly creatures are pure spirits. After the final judgment, all of the humans who are rewarded with entrance into Heaven will be reunited with their bodies and these human creatures (consisting of body and soul) will enjoy all of eternity in ‘glorified bodies.’

“How can you best secure a place, with the Blessed, in Heaven? What do you need to do right now, or is there something you can do right now to guarantee yourself a place, amongst the Blessed in Heaven for all of eternity?

“Well, there is no certain guarantee. We have to continue to persevere. But the best guarantee, that we could have, is by maintaining the ‘state of sanctifying grace’ all the time. We are in danger of losing it. But, we must make an effort constantly to observe the laws of God, to keep in His grace, to live a good (moral) life…

“God can call us at any time.

“Remember the parable of ‘The Five Wise And The Five Foolish Virgins.’

“The five foolish virgins did not prepare themselves. They had no oil in their vessels for the lamps and their lamps went out and they were gone when the bridegroom came. And, they were shut out. Our Divine Lord very often gave parables like this to help us realize the need to be ready. And He said, “At an hour at which you least expect it the Son of Man will come.” In other words, we will be called.

“Perhaps there will be a protracted illness; we’ll have time to prepare. But even then, our bodily senses and our mind are fatigued., in a deathbed illness, and it is difficult to prepare. Now is the time to prepare. Now is the time to be ready (go to confession, be contrite for your sins, receive absolution from the priest, do your penance and pray the Act of Contrition daily until your next confession: stay in a state of sanctifying grace as best that you can).”
– – Father Benedict Hughes; from an audio Catechism lesson on “The Resurrection And Life Everlasting” – –



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