Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Prayer To Mary

[English]                                              [Latin]

O holy Mary                                     O sancta Maria

My Mistress                                     Domina mea,

into thy blessed trust                      me in tuam benedictam fidem

and                                                 ac

special keeping,                               singularem custodiam

into the bosom of thy tender mercy, in sinum misericordiae tuae,

this day,                                           hodie

every day of my life                          quotidie

and                                                   et

at the hour of my death                    in hora exitus

I commend my soul and body;          mei anima meam et corpus meum tibi commendo

To thee I entrust all my hopes and consolations    tibi committo omnem spem et  consolationem meam,

All my trials and miseries,                 omnes angustias et miseries meas,

My life and the end of my life,           vitam et finem vitae meae

That through thy most holy intercession     ut per tuam sanctissimam intercessionem

And                                                  et

Thy merits,                                       per tua merita

All my actions may be ordered           omnia opera mea dirigantur

And                                                  et

Disposed according to thy will           disponantur  voluntatem

And                                                 et

That of thy divine Son.                    Secundum tuam tuique Filii

Amen.                                                        Amen.

[Note well (nota bene): Following is the Latin version of the prayer with the proper ordering of the Latin phrases relative to one another. This ordering differs from the above because English and Latin sentence structures are often not identical to one another.]

O Domina mea, sancta Maria, me in tuam benedictam fidem ac singularem custodiam et in sinum misericordiae tuae, hodie et quotidie et in hora exitus mei animam meam et corpus meum tibi commendo: omnem spem et consolationem meam, omnes angustias et miseries meas, vitam et finem vitae meae tibi committo, ut per tuam sanctissimam intercessionem et per tua merita, omnia mea dirigantur et disponantur opera secundum tuam tuique Filii voluntatem. Amen.


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