A Prayer To Our Lady

O Mary, most holy Virgin Mother,

lo, I have received thy well-beloved Son,

Whom thou didst conceive in thy stainless womb,

didst bring forth and suckle,

and enfold in thy sweet embraces.

See, humbly and lovingly I give back to thee the Son Whom it was all rapture and delight

for thee to look upon;

I offer Him to be clasped in thy arms,

to be loved with all thy heart,

and to be offered up to the Holy Trinity in the supreme homage of adoration,

for thy honor and glory,

and for my needs and those of all mankind.

Most loving Mother, I beg thee to obtain for me

  • forgiveness of all my sins,
  • grace in abundance to serve Him more faithfully from now onward, and lastly,
  • final perseverance,

so that I may praise Him with thee forever and ever.


(Note well (Nota bene): This prayer may be prayed at any time, however it would be most appropriate to recite it after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass following Sacramental Communion or after Spiritual Communions. Plus, staying quietly, reverently and prayerfully in the presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle, after the Holy Mass, is very pleasing to God and the saints and the angels.)


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