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In a homily, given by Father Joseph Mary on 30 April 2012 A.D. the way to discern the ‘Voice of The Lord’ was examined.

It is in prayer (that we discern the voice of the Lord. It is in prayer where we give our Lord) the opportunity to speak to us. To be able to discern His voice in a din of all these many voices and opinions that flood the world today. That is: by prayer, by silence, by (Eucharistic) Adoration, by attending Mass even during the week, that we begin to discern that (quiet) voice of the Lord Who is leading us to that abundant life, to those verdent pastures, to that restful water, ultimately to that ‘Banquet of Eternal Life,’ of which the Mass is a little foretaste… and some people say, ‘I don’t know how to pray. I try to pray and don’t think that anything is going on.’ (In that case, and as Fr. Dubay said) ‘Think about a baby. A baby first speaks one word and then another word and then eventually a sentence.’ So, then, they can have a little conversation. And, then they can talk with adults. And, ‘living things’ grow slowly and so we need to give God the opportunity, by putting  ourselves in a situation, where God can speak to us. (And, these situations include) attending Mass, Adoration, spending time in silence and in prayer, reading the ‘Word of God’ (the Bible). And, we’ll learn to speak. Maybe just a word, but then we will experience these little ‘touches of God,’ inspirations, this light that will lead us in our path…

Click here to be redirected to the audio visual homily of Fr. Joseph Mary, from which the above words were spoken.