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The ‘Key to Peace’ is sitting in Heaven.

The Pope along with the Catholic Bishops, throughout the world, have access to that key.

The key is called “The Message of Fatima.”

To use it, and achieve peace, the Pope and Bishops must obey the instructions of Heaven on how to access and use it.

Author and Rabbinical Scholar Rabbi Mayer Schiller said,

“All mankind yearns for peace. People have always yearned for peace. But the notion that we can achieve peace without Divine assistance is a grave error. I think that it is very important for mankind as a whole for the Church to take everything that was said at Fatima seriously.”

He went on to say:

“The old Testament tells us that the failure to obey God’s will, in the end, has to result in national or even international disaster… the failure to Consecrate Russia is important by what it symbolizes. It symbolizes an impotent, weak Church, unwilling to wage war, unwilling to teach a mankind that has disserted God. It’s a fearful Church.

“In general, Fatima, I think, presents a scandal to the Conciliar Church (i.e. post-Vatican II Church, also known as the ‘contemporary Church’), because it (the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church) takes faith and morals very seriously. The Conciliar Church is infected by relativism. I think that if you took the errors listed in the various ‘Syllabi of Errors,’ composed by Pius IX and Pius X, that perhaps the contemporary Church and its leaders would believe in many of them. As shocking as it may seem. Therefore, the stark faith of Fatima, and its message that the ‘wages of sin’ are most serious is something that the Conciliar Church is very uncomfortable with.

“The Consecration of Russia is part of the symbolism of the Fatima message. And therefore, I think, the Conciliar Church, infested as it is with relativism, subjectivism, religious pluralism, would like to put Fatima away somewhere. They would like to hide it away somewhere. And therefore they either ignore it or they’ll say, ‘Its message has already been accomplished.’ In order, I think, to play down Fatima in general.”

Why hasn’t the Holy Father performed the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as of 15 August 2015 A.D.?

Father Nicholas Gruner, Roman Catholic Priest and Founder of the Fatima Center Apostolate explained,

“I think that there are powerful people in the Vatican who do not believe Our Lady of Fatima at all. They don’t believe Her and they don’t believe the message and they have their own program, they have their own agenda… and the message of Fatima is directly opposed to their own program. And so, they have to get Fatima out of the way. But, they can’t say it publicly.”