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Here is the eleventh of thirteen posts from Sister Mother Mary of Agreda’s ‘The Mystical City of God’ Book II of the Transfixion. We focus on the chapter entitled:

Christ Our Savior Celebrates The Sacramental Supper, Consecrating His True And Sacred Body And Blood In The Holy Eucharist; His Prayers And Petitions; The Communion Of His Blessed Mother And Other Mysteries Of This Occasion.

Part XI deals with some of the marvelous happenings that occurred when the Apostles received Holy Communion for the first time and we discover some of the incredibly outstanding privileges given to Our Blessed Lady by the Almighty:

488.  Another very wonderful miracle happened at the Communion of the Apostles.

The perfidious and treacherous Judas, hearing the command of the Master to partake of the Holy Communion, resolved in his unbelief not to comply, but if he could do so without being observed, determined to secrete the sacred Body and bring It to the priests and pharisees in order to afford them a chance of incriminating Jesus by showing them what He had called His own Body; or if he should not succeed therein, to consummate some other vile act of malice with the divine Sacrament.

The Mistress and Queen of Heaven, Who by a clear vision was observing all that passed and knew the interior and exterior effects and affections in the Apostles at Holy Communion, saw also the accursed intentions of the obstinate Judas.

All the zeal for the glory of Her Lord, existing in Her as His Mother, Spouse and Daughter, was aroused in Her purest Heart.

Knowing that it was the divine Will, that She should make use of Her power as Mother and Queen, She commanded the holy angels to extract from the mouth of Judas the Consecrated Particles as well of the Bread as of the Wine and replace Them from whence They had been taken.

It well befitted Her on this occasion to defend the honor of Her divine Son and prevent Judas from heaping such an ignominious injury upon Christ the Lord.

The holy angels obeyed their Queen, and when it was the turn of Judas to communicate, they withdrew the Consecrated Species one after the other, and, purifying Them from Their contact with Judas, the most wicked of living men, they restored Them to their place, altogether unobserved by the disciples.

Thus the Lord shielded the honor of His malicious and obstinate Apostle to the end.

This was attended to by the angels in the shortest space of time and the others then received Holy Communion, for Judas was neither the first nor the last to communicate.

Then our Savior offered thanks to the eternal Father and therewith ended both the legal and the Sacramental Supper in order to begin the mysteries of His Passion, which I will relate in the subsequent chapters.

The Queen of Heaven attended to all full of wonder and joyful praise, magnifying the Most High.

The next installment is ‘Part XII’ in which the Queen of Heaven gives instruction to Venerable Mary of Agreda regarding aspects of the establishment of the Holy Eucharist by Her divine Son.

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