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Here is the tenth part of thirteen posts transcribed from Venerable Mother Mary of Agreda’s ‘The Mystical City of God,’ Book II of the Transfixion. The chapter is entitled:

Christ Our Savior Celebrates The Sacramental Supper, Consecrating His True And Sacred Body And Blood In The Holy Eucharist; His Prayers And Petitions; The Communion Of His Blessed Mother And Other Mysteries Of This Occasion.

In the last installment we discovered that the Lady and Queen of Heaven received Holy Communion from Saint Gabriel, the Archangel, and that the sacramental species weren’t consumed or altered in Her Immaculate Heart.

We also learned that our Blessed Mother thanked the eternal Father and Her divine Son in new canticles.

Let us continue with Part X:

487. After having thus favored the heavenly Princess, our Savior distributed the sacramental bread to the Apostles, commanding them to divide it among themselves and partake of it.

By this commandment He conferred upon them the sacerdotal dignity and they began to exercise it by giving Communion each to Himself.

This they did with the greatest reverence, shedding copious tears and adoring the body and blood of our Lord, whom they were receiving.

They were established in the power of the priesthood, as being founders of the holy Church and enjoying the distinction of priority over all others.

Then Saint Peter, at the command of Christ the Lord, administered two of the particles of Holy Communion to the two patriarchs, Enoch and Elias. This Holy Communion so rejoiced these two holy men, that they were encouraged anew in their hope of the beatific vision, which for them was to be deferred for so many ages, and they were strengthened to live on in this hope until the end of the world.

Having given most fervent and humble thanks to the Almighty for this blessing, they were brought back to their abiding place by the hands of the holy angels.

The Lord desired to work this miracle in order to pledge Himself to include the ancient natural and written laws in the benefits of the Incarnation, Redemption and general resurrection; since all these mysteries were contained in the most holy Eucharist.

By thus communicating Himself to the two holy men, Enoch and Elias, who were still in their mortal flesh, these blessings were extended over the human race such as it existed under the natural and the written laws, while all the succeeding generations were to be included in the new law of grace, the Apostles at the head.

This was all well understood by Enoch and Elias, and, returning to the midst of their contemporaries, they gave thanks to their and our Redeemer for this mysterious blessing.

The next installment is ‘Part XI’.

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