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Here is part 6 of 13 posts presenting the entirety of Chapter XI sections 469 to 492 from Sister Mother Mary of Agreda’s ‘The Mystical City of God’ Book II of the Transfixion.

The Chapter’s title is:

Christ Our Savior Celebrates The Sacramental Supper, Consecrating His True And Sacred Body And Blood In The Holy Eucharist; His Prayers And Petitions; The Communion Of His Blessed Mother And Other Mysteries Of This Occasion.

In the last part we mentioned that our Sovereign Queen, the Blessed Virgin Mother, commanded Lucifer and all of his squadrons of devils to leave the Cenacle and plunge to the depths of hell.

Part VI:

479. To accomplish this the arm of the Almighty gave new power to the Blessed Virgin, so that neither the rebellious Lucifer nor all his hosts could resist.

They were hurled into the infernal abysses, there to remain until they should again be permitted to issue as witnesses to the passion and death of the Savior in order to be finally convinced of His being the Messias and Redeemer, true God and man.

Let it then be understood, that Lucifer and his demons were present at the legal supper and washing of the feet, and also afterwards at the entire passion of Christ! but that they were not present at this institution of the holy Eucharist, nor at the Communion of the disciples.

Then the great Queen was raised to a most sublime state of contemplation of the mysteries about to be enacted, and the holy angels, as to another valorous Judith, sang to Her of this glorious triumph over the dragon.

At the same time Christ our Lord offered up to the eternal Father exalted thanksgiving and praise for the blessings conceded to the human race in consequence of His petition.


480. Thereupon Christ our Lord took into His venerable hands the bread, which lay upon the plate, and interiorly asked the permission and co-operation of the eternal Father, that now and ever afterwards in virtue of the words about to be uttered by Him, and later to be repeated in His holy Church, He should really and truly become present in the host, Himself to yield obedience to these sacred words.

While making this petition He raised His eyes toward heaven with an expression of such sublime majesty, that He inspired the Apostles, the angels and His Virgin Mother with new and deepest reverence.

Then He pronounced the words of consecration over the bread, changing its substance into the substance of His true body and immediately thereupon He uttered the words of consecration also over the wine, changing it into His true blood.

As an answer to these words of consecration was heard the voice of the eternal Father, saying:

‘This is My beloved Son, in Whom I delight, and shall take My delight to the end of the world; and He shall be with men during all the time of their banishment.’

In like manner was this confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

The most sacred humanity of Christ, in the Person of the Word, gave tokens of profoundest veneration to the Divinity contained in the Sacrament of His body and blood.

The Virgin Mother, in her retreat, prostrated Herself on the ground and adored her Son in the blessed Sacrament with incomparable reverence.

Then also the angels of her guard, all the angels of heaven, and among them likewise the souls of Enoch and Elias, in their own name and in the name of the holy Patriarchs and Prophets of the old law, fell down in adoration of their Lord in the holy Sacrament.


481. All the Apostles and disciples, who, with the exception of the traitor, believed in this holy Sacrament, adored it with great humility and reverence according to each one’s disposition.

The great high priest Christ raised up His own consecrated body and blood in order that all who were present at this first Mass might adore it in a special manner, as they also did.

During this elevation His most pure Mother, saint John, Enoch and Elias, were favored with an especial insight into the mystery of His presence in the sacred species.

They understood more profoundly, how, in the species of the bread, was contained His body and in those of the wine, His blood; how in both, on account of the inseparable union of His soul with His body and blod, was present the living and true Christ; how with the Person of the Word, was also therein united the Person of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, the holy Eucharist contained the perfect humanity of the Lord with the three divine Persons of the Godhead.

All this was understood most profoundly by the heavenly Lady and by the others according to their degree.

They understood also the efficacy of the words of the consecration, now endowed with such divine virtue, that as soon as they are pronounced with the intention of doing what Christ did at that time, by any Priest since hat time over the proper material, they would change the bread into His body and the wine into His blood, leaving the accidents to subsist in a new way and without their proper subject.

They saw, that this change would take place so certainly and infallibly, that heaven and earth would sooner fall to pieces, than that the effect of these words of consecration, when pronounced in the proper manner by the sacerdotal minister of Christ, should ever fail.

[continued in ‘Part VII’ of this XIII part series]

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