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This is part III of XIII posts presenting the entirety of Chapter XI sections 469 to 492 from Sister Mother Mary of Agreda’s ‘The Mystical City of God’ Book II of the Transfixion.

The Chapter’s title is:

Christ Our Savior Celebrates The Sacramental Supper, Consecrating His True And Sacred Body And Blood In The Holy Eucharist; His Prayers And Petitions; The Communion Of His Blessed Mother And Other Mysteries Of This Occasion.

In this part Jesus Christ prayed to the eternal Father for the whole human race.

Part III (Sections 473 and 474):

My Father and eternal God, I confess, praise and exalt Thy infinite essence and incomprehensible Deity, in which I am one with Thee and the Holy Spirit, engendered from all eternity by Thy intellect, as the figure of Thy substance and the image of Thy individual nature.

“In the same nature, I have assumed in the virginal womb of My Mother, I wish to accomplish the Redemption of the human race with which Thou has charged Me.

“I wish to restore to this human nature the highest perfection and the plenitude of Thy divine complaisance; and then I wish to pass from this world to Thy right hand, bearing with Me all those whom Thou hast given Me without losing a single one of them for want of willingness on Our part to help them.

“My delight is to be with the children of men and as, in My absence, they will be left orphans, if I do not give them assistance, I wish, My Father, to furnish them with a sure and unfailing token of My inextinguishable love and a pledge of the eternal rewards, which Thou holdest in reserve for them.

“I desire that they find in My merits an easy and powerful remedy for the effects of sin, to which they are subject on account of the disobedience of the first man, and I wish to restore copiously their right to the eternal happiness for which they are created.


“But since there will be few who will preserve themselves in this justice, they will need other assistance, so that they may reinstate themselves and strengthen themselves in the way of justification and sanctification by being continually furnished with new and exalted gifts and favors of Thy clemency in their dangerous pilgrimage through life.

“It was Our eternal decree, that they should have created existence and participate in Our divine perfections and happiness for all eternity; and Thy love, which caused Me to assume a nature able to suffer and welcome the humiliation of the cross, would not rest satisfied, until it invented new means of communicating itself to men according to their capacity and Our wisdom and power.

“These means shall consist in visible and sensible signs adapted to their condition as sentient beings and causing invisible effects in the spiritual and immaterial part of their natures…

[The above prayer is continued in ‘Part IV’ of this XIII part series]

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