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This is part II of XIII posts presenting the entirety of Chapter XI sections 469 to 492 from Sister Mother Mary of Agreda’s ‘The Mystical City of God’ Book II of the Transfixion.

The Chapter is entitled:

Christ Our Savior Celebrates The Sacramental Supper, Consecrating His True And Sacred Body And Blood In The Holy Eucharist; His Prayers And Petitions; The Communion Of His Blessed Mother And Other Mysteries Of This Occasion.

Part II:

471.  Then the Master of life spoke words of most endearing love to His Apostles, and, though His sayings were wont to penetrate to the inmost heart at all times, yet on this occasion they were like the flames of a great fire of charity, which consumed the souls of His hearers.

He manifested to them anew the most exalted mysteries of His Divinity, humanity and of the works of the Redemption.

He enjoined upon them peace and charity, of which He was now to leave a pledge in the mysteries about to be celebrated.

He reminded them, that in loving one another, they would be loved by the eternal Father with the same love in which He was beloved.

He gave them an understanding of the fulfillment of this promise in having chosen them to found the new Church and the law of grace.

He renewed in them the light concerning the supreme dignity, excellence and prerogatives of His most pure Virgin Mother.

Among all the Apostles, Saint John was most deeply enlightened in these mysteries on account of the office imposed upon him.

The great Lady, from her retreat, beheld in divine contemplation all these doings of her Son in the Cenacle; and in her profound intelligence She entered more deeply into their meaning than the Apostles and the angels, who also were present in bodily forms, adoring their true Lord, Creator and King.

By the hands of these angels Enoch and Elias were brought to the Cenacle from their place of abode; for the Lord wished that these Fathers of the natural and of the written Laws should be present at the establishment of the law of the Gospel, and that they should participate in its mysteries.


472. All these being present, awaiting full of wonder what the Author of life intended to do, there appeared also in the hall the person of the eternal Father and of the Holy Spirit as they appeared at the baptism of Christ at the Jordan and at the Transfiguration on mount Tabor.

Although all the Apostles and disciples felt this divine presence, yet only some of them really were favored with a vision of it; among these was especially Saint John the evangelist, who was always gifted with eagle-sight into the divine mysteries.

The entire heaven was transplanted to the Cenacle of Jerusalem; for of such great importance was the magnificence of this work, by which the new Church was founded, the law of grace established and eternal salvation made secure.

For a better understanding of the doings of the incarnate Word, I must remind the reader, that He possessed two natures in one Person, the divine and the human nature united in one divine Person of the Word; hence the proper activities of both natures are rightly attributed to one and the same Person, just as the same Person is called both God and man.

Consequently, when I say that the incarnate Word spoke and prayed to the eternal Father, it must not be interpreted as meaning, that He prayed or spoke in as far as He was divine, since in Divinity He was equal to the Father; but in as far as He was human, inferior and composed of body and soul as we ourselves are.

In this sense therefore Christ confessed and extolled the immensity and infinitude of the eternal Father, praying for the whole human race.

[continued in ‘Part III’ of this XIII part series]

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