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Venerable Mother Mary Magdalen Bentivoglio, O.S.C. was born on 29 July 1834 in Rome and died at the age of 71 in the United States. She founded houses for sisters in Omaha, New Orleans and Evansville.

The following is excerpted from page 197 of Ann Ball’s book “Modern Saints: Their Live and Faces, Book One”:

In 1897, Mother Mary Magdalen traveled to Evansville [Indiana] to join the new foundation. At sixty-three and in poor health, she shared again in the hunger, cold, and poverty of a new beginning.

She believed that her calling was not simply to establish a community of Poor Clares in America, but to propagate the order.

For this reason she told one of the sisters that she would be willing to begin a new foundation at any time, no matter what her health or age.

The following anecdote illustrates how Mother Mary Magdalen constantly invoked the saints to aid in drawing new vocations to the order. One day, one of the sisters who entered her office noticed five paper dolls cut from a Sears catalog and placed around the statue of St. Anthony.

When the sister asked what they were doing there, Mother Mary Magdalen explained that she was asking St. Anthony to send some girls ‘just like those’ to the monastery.

According the the account, five young postulants did enter that year, and all persevered and became devout nuns.

Her ’cause for canonization’ was initiated on 1 April 1969 A.D.

She is a venerable.