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‘Do you not perceive how many qualities a priest must have that he may be strong in his teaching, patient, and hold fast to the faithful word which is according to doctrine?

What care and pains does this require!


he is answerable for the sins of others.

To pass over everything else: If but one soul dies without Baptism, does it not entirely endanger his own salvation?

For the loss of one soul is so great an evil that it is impossible to express it in words.

For if the salvation of that soul was of such value that the Son of God became man and suffered so much, think of how great a punishment must the losing of it bring.’

  – – St. John Chrysostom, Doctor and Father of the Church – –

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Let us pray (Oremus)

Almighty and merciful God,

Who didst bestow upon the blessed Curé of Ars wonderful pastoral zeal and great fervor for prayer and penance,


we beseech Thee,

that by his example and intercession, our parish priests be able to gain the souls of their brethren for Christ, and with them attain to everlasting glory.

Through the same Christ our Lord.


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