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No human tongue can reproduce the celestial words and conversations of the most Holy Mary and the Blessed Joseph.

I will adduce some of them in the following chapters, as far as I know how.

Yet, who can declare the effects wrought in the sweet and devout heart of this saint in seeing himself not only constituted the husband of Her who was the true Mother of his Creator, but in finding himself also served by Her as if She was the humblest slave, while at the same time he beheld Her raised in sanctity and dignity above the highest seraphim and inferior only to God?

If the divine right hand enriched with blessings the house of Obededom for having sheltered for a few months the figurative ark of the old Testament (I Chronicles Chapter 13, Verse14), what blessings did He not shower upon Saint Joseph, to whom He entrusted the true ark and the Lawgiver himself enshrined in Her?

I Chronicles Chapter 13, Verse 14:

‘And the ark of God remained in the house of Obededom three months: and the Lord blessed his house, and all that he had – mansit ergo arca Dei in domo Obededom tribus mensibus et benedixit Dominus domui eius et omnibus quae habebat.’

Incomparable was the good fortune and happiness of this Saint!

Not only because he had with him in his house the living and true ark of the new Testament, the altar, the sacrifice, and the temple, all left in his charge;

but also because he cared for them worthily and as a faithful servant (Matthew Chapter 24, Verse 45 – Who, thinkest thou, is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath appointed over his family, to give them meat in season? – quis putas est fidelis servus et prudens quem constituit dominus suus supra familiam suam ut det illis cibum in tempore), as constituted by the Lord Himself over his family to provide for all their necessities in the right time as a most faithful dispenser .

Let all generations and peoples acknowledge and bless him, let them extol his merits;

since the Most High has favored none other in the same degree.

Venerable Mother of Agreda humbly concludes this section by writing:

I, an unworthy worm, in the light of such venerable sacraments, exalt and magnify this Lord God, confessing Him as holy, just, merciful, wise and admirable in the disposition of all his great works.

From: The Mystical City of God, The Incarnation – Book II – Section 421; transcribed by Venerable Mary of Agreda (Sister Mary of Jesus) from instructions given to her by the Blessed Virgin Mother

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