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“Either make the tree good and its fruit good: or make the tree evil, and its fruit evil. For by the fruit the tree is known (aut facite arborem bonam et fructum eius bonum aut facite arborem malam et fructum eius malum siquidem ex fructu arbor agnoscitur).” [From: The Holy Gospel Of Jesus Christ According To Saint Matthew: Chapter 12 Verse 33]

In this ‘Year of the New Evangelization’ let’s consider some realities that the Catholic media people are not sharing with those in the ‘Church Militant.’

Here is the transcript of Michael Voris’ recent ‘Special Report’ concerning a rotten fruit produced by Vatican II:

Hello everyone and welcome to This Special Report – Gay Clergy and the Catholic Media.

When news broke of a so-called gay lobby in the Vatican and we reported on it back in March .. we here at ChurchMilitantTV were excoriated by some in the “mainstream” Catholic media and made fun off by certain Catholic bloggers and their allies.

The ESTABLSIHMENT Catholic Media went out of their way last March to ignore the story or downplay it so ferociously, that anyone who tunes into those establishment Catholic radio and TV and print-slash internet outlets wouldn’t have even known anything was going on .. or certainly nothing to pay any real attention to.

There’s a simple reason for that – the establishment Catholic media is not composed of journalists strictly speaking .. but of lapdog careerists .. Professional Catholics is a term coined by Pope Benedict that can certainly apply .. who are not concerned with bringing you one shred of news about the troubles INSIDE the Church .. but rather .. protecting their own financial interests by painting a dubious picture of things being kind of okay in the Church.

See .. its actually very simple. When you tune in to big name Catholic TV outlets or radio shows with big name professional Catholics .. or go to official church sponsored men’s conferences or women’s conferences with the usual Catholic speaking tour names on the marquee .. you hear all kinds of great things and solid talks about the teachings of the Church .. but you wont hear a word breathed about the real problems.

That’s because if they open their mouths about these other problems .. they will be disinvited, their books wont be published, their articles will be pulled from official Catholic papers and they will be off the air faster than a bull of excommunication could be promulgated.

In short .. they wont tell you the truth because they are too cowardly to pay the personal financial cost.

So they blather on about how rotten Obama is and the Culture of Death ad infinitum. They will say things about Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi – things that are true by the way – but they will never finish the thought – they will never say – WHY ARE these people allowed to continue on as though they are Catholics in good standing.

Every serious Catholic already knows Obama is evil .. the Culture of Death is winning .. the homosexual agenda is on the march everywhere. We already know that –stop telling us. Talk about WHY? Talk about HOW?

See .. what they don’t tell you is HOW and WHY of Obama getting elected .. a majority of Catholics voted for him .. the WHY and HOW those conditions came to be in the Church where a majority of Catholics happily go and vote for this agent of evil and all his henchmen.

What are the conditions in the Church that have CAUSED this to be the case? This they will NEVER BREATH A WORD ABOUT because they are hypocrites. They KNOW beyond a doubt that there is massive failing of faith on the part of leaders in the Church, but they won’t touch THAT topic with a ten foot pole.

They will happily hide behind such lofty and noble sounding defenses like – we don’t want to cause division and talking about these things brings about division.


The division is already there .. in spades. Over half of the nearly 70 million baptized Catholics in America have divided themselves from the Church. To talk about that isn’t CAUSING division .. is trying to understand it so it can be solved.

But the Catholic media types take their cues from many of the bishops who drank the Koolaid decades ago when they were seminarians or baby priests of a vision of the Church where we are all nice and friendly and never say anything challenging or offensive. Keep the machine grinding along. Collect millions of dollars. And never say anything offensive.

In this American Patriotic Church .. the Church of Nice .. which accepts the principles of religious pluralism .. a doctrine .. in practice if not actuality .. that says hardly any humans go to Hell .. and so forth .. there is not much to talk about among Catholic media types because they know many bishops don’t want the REAL problems spoken about – the issues INSIDE the Church.

So they largely confine their comments to remarks about Obama and political liberals and demographic shifts and so forth. Sure .. they’ll come out with the long knives against an obvious dissident priest or theologian .. but never utter a word about why such a man is allowed to remain in his position.

See .. they CAN’T go down that road because they know the instant they do .. the logical conclusion will have to include a discussion about the negligence or cowardice of Church leaders .. the very same Church leaders who either sign their checks directly .. or allow them to roam the floors and step up to the microphone of diocesan sponsored men’s or women’s conferences.

Church leaders .. either directly or indirectly .. are responsible for their income and lifestyles and they are sure as NOT gonna bite the hand that feeds them.

These Catholic media personalities and the people behind them know there has been a massive infiltration of homosexual activists in the Church and chanceries and episcopate .. and they deliberately say nothing to you because they don’t want to fall out of favor with bishops and cardinals which translates into a loss of income for them.

And more than that .. they go after reliable Catholics who tell you the whole truth .. because these reliable sources of information know that the only way to change evil is to expose it.

But these pseudo-journalists can’t do that because their careers will come to an end.

But we will. And a few other outfits as well. In fact, it is exactly because of our reporting about topics like homosexuality in the clergy that we are not allowed to speak on Church property and attend these same conferences as the be-knighted Catholic elite.

So when we published the story ..with quite a bit of private background supporting material about the gay lobby in the Vatican .. some in the Catholic establishment media went out of their way to denigrate our report.

They know this information in true .. yet they refuse to report on it and have a serious on- going discussion about it.
How can the establishment Catholic media possibly pretend this isn’t a story worthy of front page headline topping coverage. The entire secular media is all over this.

Why doesn’t EWTN whip up a panel of bishops to have a series of live interview about this in front of a live audience where people can ask questions directly? They go to bishops’ annual meetings and talk about gun control and immigration with them. What about the deadly threat to the souls of millions of Catholics. Or is that too delicate a subject? Too many church elites .. ordained and lay might get too uncomfortable about that?

Why doesn’t Ave Maria Radio or Immaculate Heart Radio effort a week’s worth of live call ins about the topic of homosexual priests in parishes who give deadly homicidial spiritual advice.

Why doesn’t the National Catholic Register do its due diligence and tell all its readers that there are enormous numbers of homosexual priests in the American clergy and even more clerical sympathizers who are afraid to cross the homo-lobby because they fear for their career or being called on the carpet by a gay sympathizing bishop.

How about this topic being treated on Catholic Answers with a guest bishop or two? What’s the point of talking about a New Evangelization or whipping the troops up about Religious Freedom when there is SO much rotten in the Church?

And what if in some fashion the constant jabbering on about the New Evangelization does inspire some poor soul to investigate the faith more seriously? What happens when he calls on his local Catholic parish and immediately meets the disguised lesbian nun or semi-closeted homosexual priest or his ally who give this poor soul nothing of substance regarding the faith.

Catholics with a column or a officially sponsored blog or microphone or a TV camera have an extra special duty .. almost as high as those with a pulpit .. to tell the truth in its completion and fullness, not just its most comfortably appealing and non-career threatening way.

Like Church leaders .. we too will have to answer to Almighty God for sins of omission. And hiding behind the false application of charity or unity won’t cut it when the real truth was protecting self-interest. If you aren’t helping to solve it, then you are contributing to the destruction of the Church.

Pray my fellow Catholics for a purification of the Church on EVERY level and in every nook and cranny.

GOD Love you.

I’m Michael Voris

Let us pray to Almighty God, via the loving intercession of the Most Holy Blessed Virgin Mary, that He will send good and holy priests who will correct, by force if necessary, those priests who are in error and let us pray for Michael Voris and his apostolate.

Dear Virgin Mary, Mother of the Clergy, bless and protect Your Son’s Priests. Please give them the necessary graces to grow daily in holiness and may those who are in error repent of their sins, do sufficient penance and be the agents for the salvation of many souls. Amen.

O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to Thee and for those who do not have recourse to Thee and for those who are enemies of the Church and for those who we recommend to Thee:

we recommend Michael Voris,

members of his apostolate and

all those brave souls who risk all their earthly possessions for protecting and defending the one true faith.


In Thy great mercy, Dear Lord, forgive our sinfulness, heal our brokenness and renew our hearts so that we may be one with Thee.