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Presenting the third of four excerpts from EWTN’s ‘The Journey Home’ in which interviewer Marcus Grodi allowed ex-convict and convert to The One Holy Catholic Faith to tell his conversion story from protestant to Catholic.

Another extraordinary event…

We had a very large coven of ‘satanists’ and in fact they had become the largest ‘religious’ group in the institution.

And their ‘high priest’ was a young fellow who knew the Catholic faith far better than I.

I asked him if he was a lapsed Catholic and he said, ‘No, I’ve never been a Catholic.’

But, of course it’s obvious why they know the Catholic faith so well because everything (they do and stand for) is a black image of (the true faith)…

We were always having to watch the Host at Communion time to protect It.

Because, they were always trying to steal One.

… And they had gotten aggressive in ‘their evangelization’ and the Fundamentalists were terrified of them, (while) we say them as a field of opportunity (for conversion).

And, we started evangelizing them and we had won so many of them out of the coven that the ‘high priest’ put out a contract on me and my Godfather.

And, in those days, two cartons of cigarettes was a pretty good sized contract…

One day my Godfather and I, after this contract had been put out, we were out, walking around, and we suddenly realized that we were in an area where we… it was an excellent place for an ambush; where the officers couldn’t see anything.

And about that time that (the thought) dawned on us we were indeed surrounded by, I don’t know, eight or ten of them.

And, they pulled out the shanks.

And, there was no escape.

We knew that we were dead.

It was over. We took our Scapulars out and kissed them and began praying the ‘Hail Mary’ and we weren’t asking for help we were just preparing to die.

And all of a sudden, these guys got a real puzzled look on their faces and we hear them say things like:

‘Where did they go?’

‘What happened?’

‘How did they get away?’

Obviously they couldn’t see us anymore.

We kind of weaved between them and ran like crazy back to the cell-block but aaaah, that was…

again… God had something in mind.

This reminds me of a similar miracle that heaven provided to Saint Patrick and his holy associates. Consider the following:

The Saint Patrick retelling is from ‘St. Patrick’s Breastplate: Also Known As The ‘Deer’s Cry’ Hymn’ (The Fatima Center’s brochure #LF206):

St. Patrick composed and prayed a hymn (called Saint Patrick’s Breastplate) in the time of Loegaire (King of Irelandfrom 428 to 462 A.D.). The cause of its composition was to protect him and his monks against the deadly enemies that lay in wait for the priests and religious. This is a breastplate of faith for the protection of body and soul against devils, men and vices.

When anyone shall repeat it every day with diligent intentness on God, devils shall not dare to face him; it shall be a protection to him against every poison and envy; it shall be a defense for him against sudden death, it shall be a breastplate to his soul after his death.

St. Patrick sang this hymn when ambushes were laid against his coming by Loegaire, that he might not go to Tara (in County Meath, residence of the high king) to sow the faith. It appeared to those lying in ambush that Saint Patrick and his monks were wild deer with a fawn. On of St. Patrick’s earliest disciples, St. Benignus, joined him while still a boy and so appeared to the assassins as a fawn following them.

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