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Saint Joseph Resolves To Devote Himself Entirely To The Service Of Most Holy Mary and Her Behavior and Other Particulars About The Life Of Mary and Joseph (as described in paragraph 419 – Chapter V – Book II of The Incarnation – The Mystical City of God transcribed by Venerable Mother Mary of Agreda from the dictations of Our Blessed Virgin Mary manifested in these later ages for new enlightenment of the world, rejoicing of the Catholic Church and for the encouragement of men).

But the heavenly Lady, Who among the humble was the most humble and Whom no one could surpass in humility, so managed all these things (as recounted in the previous narrative), that the palm of victory in all these virtues always remained with Her.

She besought Saint Joseph not to bend the knees to Her, for though this worship was due to the Lord whom She carried in Her womb, yet as long as He was within unseen by any one no distinction was externally manifest between His and Her own person.

The Saint therefore allowed himself to be persuaded and conformed to the wishes of the Queen of heaven; only at times, when She was not looking, he continued to give his worship to the Lord Whom She bore in Her womb, and also to Her as His Mother, intending thereby to honor Both according to the excellence of Each.

In regard to the other works and services, an humble contention arose between them.

For Saint Joseph could not overcome his conviction as to the impropriety of allowing the great Queen and Lady to perform them, and therefore he sought to be beforehand with such household duties.

His heavenly Spouse was filled with the same eagerness to seize upon occasions in advance of Saint Joseph.

Imagine that:

– – a competition amongst spouses to “out do” the other in humility and ‘all for the honor and glory of God’ – –

This isn’t something kids are likely to be taught in America’s public schools as a model of how loving married people should interact with one another (or sadly in many of its Parochial schools either).

But, let us continue…

As however he busied himself in these duties during the time which She spent in contemplation, he frustrated Her continual desire of serving him and of performing all the duties of the household, which She considered as belonging to Her as a servant.

In Her affliction on this account, the heavenly Lady turned to the Lord with humble complaints, and besought Him to oblige Saint Joseph not to hinder Her in the exercise of humility, as She desired.

As this virtue is so powerful before the divine tribunal and has free access, no prayer accompanied by it is small.

Humility makes all prayers effective and inclines the immutable Being of God to clemency.

He heard Her petition and He ordered the Angel Guardian of the blessed husband to instruct him as follows:

‘Do not frustrate the humble desires of Her Who is supreme over all the creatures of heaven and earth. Exteriorly allow Her to serve thee and interiorly treat Her with highest reverence, and at all times and in all places worship the incarnate Word. It is His will, equally with that of the heavenly Mother, to serve and not to be served, in order to teach the world the knowledge of life and the excellence of humility. In some of the work thou canst assist Her, but always reverence in Her the Lord of all creation.’

Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 9, 1949.
I gladly give my “Imprimatur” as of today, to the new edition of the work, ‘The City Of God’ by Sister Mary of Jesus, to be reprinted from the original Spanish Edition of the year 1902 without change, and already bearing the Imprimatur of His Excellency, Most Reverend H. J. Alerding, Bishop of Fort Wayne.

+ Edwin V. Byrne, D.D.,

Archbishop of Sante Fe.

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