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After Saint Joseph discovered the supernatural cause behind his most pure Spouse’s pregnancy he asked God for forgiveness for his intention to leave his Spouse and then prepared himself to apologize to Mary.

Here is Part 1 of Chapter IV of Volume II (The Incarnation) of The Mystical City of God:

The husband of Mary, Saint Joseph, now better informed, waited until his most holy Spouse had finished Her contemplation, and at the hour known to him he opened the door of the humble apartment which the Mother of the Heavenly King occupied.

Immediately upon entering the holy man threw himself on his knees, saying with deepest reverence and veneration:

‘My Mistress and Spouse, true Mother of the Eternal Word, here am I Thy servant prostrate at the feet of Thy clemency.

‘For the sake of Thy God and Lord, whom Thou bearest in Thy virginal womb, I beseech Thee to pardon my audacity.

‘I am certain, O Lady, that none of my thoughts is hidden to Thy wisdom and to Thy heavenly insight.

‘Great was my presumption in resolving to leave Thee and not less great was my rudeness in treating Thee until now as my inferior, instead of serving Thee as the Mother of my Lord and God.

‘But Thou also knowest that I have done all in ignorance, because I knew not the sacrament of the heavenly King and the greatness of Thy dignity, although I revered in Thee other gifts of the Most High.

‘Do not reflect, my Mistress, upon the ignorance of such a lowly creature, who, now better instructed, consecrates his heart and his whole life to Thy service and attendance.

‘I will not rise from my knees, before being assured of Thy favor, nor until I have obtained Thy pardon, Thy good will and Thy blessing.’

The most holy Mary, hearing  the humble words of Saint Joseph, experienced diverse feelings.

For, with tender joy in the Lord, She saw how apt he was to be entrusted with the sacraments of the Lord, since he acknowledged and venerated them with such deep faith and humility.

But, She was somewhat troubled by his resolve of treating Her henceforth with the respect and self abasement alluded to in his words; for the humble Lady feared by this innovation to lose the occasions of obeying and humiliating Herself as a servant of Her spouse.

Like one, who suddenly finds herself in danger of being deprived of some jewel or treasure highly valued, most holy Mary was saddened by the thought that Saint Joseph would no longer treat Her as an inferior and as subject to him in all things, having now recognized in Her the Mother of the Lord.

She raised Her holy spouse from his knees and threw Herself at his feet (although he tried to hinder it), and said,

‘I myself, my master and spouse, should ask thee to forgive me and thou art the one who must pardon me the sorrows and the bitterness, which I have caused thee;

and therefore I ask this forgiveness of thee on my knees, and that thou forget thy anxieties, since the Most High has looked upon my desires and afflictions in divine pleasure.’

It seemed good to the heavenly Lady to console Her spouse, and therefore, not in order to excuse Herself, She added:

‘As much as I desired, I could not on my own account give thee any information regarding the sacrament hidden within me by the power of the Almighty;

‘since, as His slave, it was my duty to await the manifestation of His holy and perfect will.

Not because I failed to esteem thee as my lord and spouse did I remain silent: for I was and always will be thy faithful servant, eager to correspond to thy holy wishes and affection.

‘From my inmost heart and in the name of the Lord, Whom I bear within me, I beseech thee not to change the manner of thy conversation and intercourse with me.

‘The Lord has not made me His Mother in order to be served and to command in this life, but in order to be the servant of all and thy slave, obeying thy will in all things.

‘This is my duty, my master, and outside of it I would lead a life without joy and full of sorrow.

‘It is just that thou afford me the opportunity of fulfilling it, since so it was ordained by the Most High. He has furnished me with thy protection and devoted assistance, in order that I may live securely in the shade of thy provident, solicitude and with thy aid rear the Fruit of my womb, my God and my Lord.’

With these words, and others most sweet and persuasive, most holy Mary consoled and quieted Saint Joseph, and he raised Her from Her knees in order to confer with Her upon all that would be necessary for this purpose.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ, and true spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for all those who are to die today. Saint Joseph pray for us and for the dying. Amen.

Since on this occasion the heavenly Lady was full of the Holy Spirit and moreover bore within Her, as His Mother, the divine Word, Who proceeds from the Father and the Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph received special enlightenment and the plenitude of divine graces. Altogether renewed in fervor of spirit he said:

‘Blessed art Thou, Lady, among all women, fortunate and preferred before all nations and generations.

May the Creator of heaven and earth be extolled with eternal praise, since from His exalted kingly throne He has looked upon Thee and chosen Thee for His dwelling-place and in Thee alone has fulfilled the ancient promises made to the Patriarchs and the Prophets.

Let all generations bless Him: for in no one has He magnified His Name as He has done in Thy humility; and me, the most insignificant of the living, He has in His divine condescension selected for Thy servant.’

In these words of praise and benediction Saint Joseph was enlightened by the Holy Spirit, in the same manner as Saint Elizabeth, when she responded to the salutation of our Queen and Mistress.

The light and inspiration, received by the most holy spouse was wonderfully adapted to his dignity and office.

The heavenly Lady, upon hearing the words, of the holy man, answered in the words of the Magnificat, as She had done on her visit to Saint Elizabeth, and She added other canticles.

She was all aflame in ecstasy and was raised from the earth in a globe of light, which surrounded Her and transfigured Her with the gifts of glory.

At this heavenly vision Saint Joseph was filled with admiration and unspeakable delight;

for never had he seen his most blessed Spouse in such eminence of glory and perfection.

Now, he beheld Her with a full and clear understanding, since all the integrity and purity of the Princess of heaven and mystery of Her dignity manifested themselves to him.

He saw and recognized in Her virginal womb the humanity of the infant God and the union of the two natures of the Word. With profound humility and reverence he adored Him and recognized Him as his Redeemer, offering himself to His Majesty.

The Lord looked upon him in benevolence and kindness as upon no other man, for He accepted him as His foster-father and conferred upon him that title.

In accordance with this dignity, He gifted him with that plenitude of science and heavenly gifts which Christian piety can and must acknowledge. I do not dilate upon this vast excellence of Saint Joseph made known to me, because I would extend this history beyond the prescribed bounds.

In the next entry (Part 2 of Chapter IV of Volume II – The Incarnation – of ‘The Mystical City of God’) we will discover additional great sacraments conferred on the holy couple and why the sacred Evangelists passed over mentioning these details of our Virgin Queen and Her most chaste spouse Saint Joseph.

From: The Mystical City Of God: The Miracle Of His Omnipotence And The Abyss Of His Grace The Divine History And Life Of The Virgin Mother Of God Our Queen And Our Lady, Most Holy Mary Expiatrix Of The Fault Of Eve And Mediatrix Of Grace – Manifested in these later ages by that Lady to her handmaid Sister Mary of Jesus, Superioress of the convent of the Immaculate Conception of the town of Agreda, of the province of Burgos in Spain, under obedience to the regular observance of the seraphic father Saint Francis for new enlightenment of the world, for rejoicing of the Catholic Church, and encouragement of men (Translation from the Original Authorized Spanish Edition by Fiscar Marison (pen-name used by Reverend George J. Blatter) – Volume 2The Incarnation – The Mysteries Of The Life Of The Holy Mother Of God From The Incarnation Of The Divine Word In Her Virginal Womb To The Return Of The Holy Family From Egypt.

Imprimatur: † Edwin V. Byrne, D.D., Archbishop of Santa Fe, 9 February 1949 A.D.

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