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The Angel of the Lord made known the Mystery of the Incarnation to Saint Joseph while the latter slept.

The events leading up to this understanding are recounted in 6 consecutive postings titled: “Anxieties of St. Joseph On Account Of The Pregnancy Of Most Holy Mary” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Let us visit the great Joy and Humility exhibited by the most chaste and pure spouse of the Virgin Mary upon discovering the Great Mystery Of The Incarnation:

Saint Joseph awoke with the full consciousness, that his Spouse was the true Mother of God.

Full of joy on account of his good fortune and of his inconceivable happiness, and at the same time deeply moved by sudden sorrow for what he had done, he prostrated himself to the earth and with many other humble, reverential and joyful tokens of his feelings, here performed heroic acts of humiliation and of thanksgiving.

He gave thanks to the Lord for having revealed to him this mystery and for having made him the husband of Her, whom God had chosen for His Mother, notwithstanding that he was not worthy to be even Her slave.

Amid these recognitions and these acts of virtue, the spirit of Saint Joseph remained tranquil and apt for the reception of new influences of the Holy Spirit.

His doubts and anxieties of the past few months had laid in him those deep foundations of humility, which were necessary for one who should be entrusted with the highest mysteries of the Lord;

and the remembrance of his experiences was to him a lesson which lasted all his life.

The holy man began to blame himself alone for all that had happened and broke forth in the following prayer:

‘O my heavenly Spouse and meekest Dove, chosen by the Most High for His dwelling-place and for His Mother:

– how could Thy unworthy slave have dared to doubt Thy fidelity?

– how could dust and ashes ever permit itself to be served by Her, Who is the Queen of Heaven and earth and the Mistress of the universe?

– how is it, that I have not kissed the ground which was touched by Thy feet?

– why have I not made it my most solicitous care to serve Thee on my knees?

– how will I ever raise my eyes in Thy presence and dare to remain in Thy company or open my lips to speak to Thee?

Ponder deeply these sublime, most humble words uttered by Saint Joseph in his prayer: “How will I ever raise my eyes in Thy presence and dare to remain in Thy company or open my lips to speak to Thee?”

Dear Saint Joseph, teach me to love the Mother of Jesus in the way that you know is pleasing to both Jesus and to His Mother. Amen.

Saint Joseph continued to pray as follows:

‘O my Lord and God, give me grace and strength to ask Her forgiveness; and move Her heart to mercy, that She does not despise her sorrowful servant according to his guilt.

Ah, woe is me! since She is full of light and grace and She bears within Herself the Author of light, all my thoughts were open to Her sight, also that I had in my mind actually to leave Her; hence it will be temerity on my part to appear in Her presence.

I now recognize my rude behavior and my gross error; since even with such great holiness before my eyes I gave way to unworthy thoughts and doubts concerning Her fidelity, which I did not deserve.

And, if in punishment thy justice had permitted me to execute my presumptuous resolve, what would now be my misfortune?

Eternally be thanked, Most High Lord for such great blessing!

Assist me, most powerful King, to make some kind of reparation.

I will go to my Spouse and Lady,

confiding in Her sweetness and clemency;

prostrate at Her feet I will ask Her pardon, so that for Her sake, Thou, my eternal Lord and God, mayest look upon me with the eyes of a Father and mayest pardon my gross error.

“Eternally be thanked Most High Lord for such great blessings! Amen.”

The holy spouse now left his little room, finding himself so happily changed in sentiments since the time he had composed himself for sleep.

As the Queen of Heaven always had kept Herself in retirement, he did not wish to disturb Her sweet contemplation, until She Herself desired.

In the meantime, the man of God unwrapped the small bundle, which he had prepared, shedding many tears with feelings quite different from those with which he had made it up.

Weeping, he began to show his reverence for his Heavenly Spouse, by setting the rooms in order, scrubbing the floors, which were to be touched by the sacred feet of the Most Holy Mary.

He also performed other chores which he had been accustomed to leave to the Heavenly Lady before he knew Her dignity.

He resolved to change entirely his relation toward Her, assume for himself the position of servant and leave to Her the dignity of Mistress.

From that day on arose a wonderful contention between the two, which of them should be allowed to show most eagerness to serve and most humility.

All that happened with Saint Joseph the Queen of Heaven saw, and not a thought or movement escaped Her attention.

When the time arrived, the Saint approached the oratory of Her Highness, and She awaited him with sweetest kindness and mildness, as I will describe in the following chapter.

From: The Mystical City Of God: The Miracle Of His Omnipotence And The Abyss Of His Grace The Divine History And Life Of The Virgin Mother Of God Our Queen And Our Lady, Most Holy Mary Expiatrix Of The Fault Of Eve And Mediatrix Of Grace – Manifested in these later ages by that Lady to her handmaid Sister Mary of Jesus, Superioress of the convent of the Immaculate Conception of the town of Agreda, of the province of Burgos in Spain, under obedience to the regular observance of the seraphic father Saint Francis for new enlightenment of the world, for rejoicing of the Catholic Church, and encouragement of men (Translation from the Original Authorized Spanish Edition by Fiscar Marison (pen-name used by Reverend George J. Blatter) – Volume 2The Incarnation – The Mysteries Of The Life Of The Holy Mother Of God From The Incarnation Of The Divine Word In Her Virginal Womb To The Return Of The Holy Family From Egypt.

Imprimatur: † Edwin V. Byrne, D.D., Archbishop of Santa Fe, 9 February 1949 A.D.


Oremus (Let us pray!):

“Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus and the true spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us!”

“Dear Jesus, thank You for all the graces Thou hast bestowed upon your adoptive father St. Joseph (most chaste and pure) and upon his Spouse, Your Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen!”


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