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The second Joyful Mystery of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is ‘The Visitation.’

When one prays this mystery it is most beneficial to pray for the grace of ‘love of neighbor.’

According to the accounts of Sister Mary of Jesus (Superioress of the convent of the Immaculate Conception of the town of Agrada in Spain) in the Mystical City of God¹ the Blessed Virgin Mary spent about 6 months with her cousin Saint Elizabeth and left soon after St. John the Baptist was born and given his name by Saint Zacharias.

On the trip to and from St. Elizabeth’s home the Virgin Mother was accompanied by her husband St. Joseph.

Ponder the following words relating to the departure of the Holy Family from the house of Zacharias (and his wife Saint Elizabeth and their newborn infant St John the Baptist):

The whole household of Zacharias had been sanctified by the presence of the most holy Mary and of the incarnate Word in her womb;

all its inmates had been edified by her example, instructed by her conversations and teachings, and sweetly affected by her intercourse and modest behavior.

While She had drawn toward Herself all the hearts of that happy family, She also merited and obtained for them from Her most holy Son the plenitude of celestial gifts.

Holy Joseph was held in high veneration by Zacharias, Elisabeth and John; for they had come to know his high dignity before he himself was yet aware of it.

The blessed Patriarch, happy in his Treasure, the full value of which as yet he did not know, took leave of all and departed for Nazareth…

Before they began their journey most holy Mary, on bended knees, besought Saint Joseph to bless Her, as She was accustomed to do on such occasions, and after She had received his blessing, they betook themselves on their journey.

¹Imprimatur: † Edwin V. Byrne, D.D., Archbishop of Santa Fe, 9 February 1949 A.D.

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