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If your conscience bothers you. Examine it, and…

Go to Confession.

If there is someone that you hate, despise, or ‘can’t stand’: forgive him and…

Go to Confession.

If you notice that people are often offended at your actions or words. Ask yourself, ‘Why?’ and…

Go to Confession.

If you can’t remember the last time you went to Confession:

Go to Confession.

If you can remember the last time you received Holy Communion but you can’t remember the last time you went to Confession, you must do two things.

First, stop going to Sacramental Communion until you’ve taken the next step:

Go to Confession.

And, after you’ve gone to Confession remember:

Be contrite for your sins.

Do the prescribed penance.

Resolve to amend your life, and…

Avoid the ‘near temptations of sin’ (i.e. those things, those places, those people, those behaviors, those bad habits, those books, those magazines, those websites, those thoughts… that push you down a slippery slope that takes you away from a life of holiness to a life of sin).

And, after you’ve gone to Confession, resolve to go once every month and take advantage of the graces that will flow to you if you participate in this Holy Sacrament worthily.

Do not be afraid of going to Confession but if you are ‘afrightened’… go anyway and pray for the grace to love this Sacrament more and more.

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror: point your finger at your reflection and say:

Go To Confession Now!I Want YOU To Go To Confession: NOW!

And remember, once you’ve confessed your sins: forget them…

Don’t return to ‘past forgiven sins’ like a dog returns to his vomit (canis reversus ad suum vomitum) [2nd Epistle of St. Peter The Apostle Chapter 2 Verse 22].

Put ‘forgiven sins’ out of your mind and know that confessed sins are forgotten by Jesus unless you keep hauling them back out of the ‘trash of the past.’

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