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I understand the reluctance to ‘want to change your life.’

I think that most people who are immersed in a self-absorbed [lifestyle]… what ever it is:





Sex… whatever…

The distinction that ‘Modern Man’ has a problem making is interposing Joy and Pleasure.

Pleasure exhausts itself and [modern man] always needs more.

Joy doesn’t [exhaust itself].

Joy resides in the soul and Pleasure resides in the body.

And, so the body always [seeks Pleasure by reaching for] another shot of heroine or more sex or whatever… more material goods to bathe itself in.

…Joy requires that you have an intimate relationship with God.

And I understand: to tear away from Pleasure and orient yourself to Joy, that conversion… that requires a lot of ‘stepping up’…

You’ve got to ‘man-up’ and look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, I’m kind of off-base.’

– – Michael Voris, Founder and President of ChurchMilitant.tv – –

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