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The following sage advice is from Michael Voris, S.T.B.; Founder and President of Saint Michael’s Media, Ferndale, Michigan:

… it is so very important that your mind, your intellect, is a bastion of truth and cold, hard logic.

God gave you a mind to be able to reason to truth and when a temptation comes along that assails your intellect you must be equipped to fight back intellectually.

This is, after all, how the serpent got to Eve: he snaked around the tree and spoke with her proposing things for her intellect.

She makes this abundantly clear when she responds to God that the serpent, in her words: ‘tricked me.’

The temptation to sexual sin… is actually an opportunity to grow [in holiness]: all temptation is.

Temptation is the chance to choose the good, to do the right.

So, while we don’t like these temptations when they show up, we need to consider that there is a silver lining.

We also have to ask why we don’t like temptation.

The bottom line answer as to why we don’t like temptation is always the same: because down deep we know that we are weak and we are very fearful that we will fall.

We know our own histories. And yet, we will fall and give in every single time. It is our nature to be inclined toward sin. And, in the depths of our fallen natures it appeals to us; we enjoy it. We sacrifice our intellect, dull as they are, and we give in.  What prevents us from giving in…

The only thing that really can prevent us is grace.

The life of God is what transforms the life of our fallen nature.

We must ‘want’ to overcome…

We must ‘want’ to be a champion…

Which means: we must be willing to sacrifice… to pay the price.

It is in the struggle that man is forged.

In order to engage in the struggle we must understand, comprehend, intellectualize everything that is being laid out before us.

It takes a tremendous act of the will to conquer sin: a hero’s will in fact.

Being discouraged is for cowards.

It’s the very meaning of the word DIScouraged: WITHOUTcourage.

…[people] aren’t called to be cowards, they are called to go to great heights of power and glory…

To stand in the glory of God and use their powers for the good of others.

Getting discouraged is exactly what your enemy wants.

Discouragement further weakens you.

It softens you like you’re getting punched out. It makes you more vulnerable when the next assault comes and a horrible downward cycle begins.

Behind that cycle is a self-view that is truly sad.

A ‘man’ reduced to ‘weak boy.’

But, don’t be discouraged.

Don’t see yourself as not able to overcome, since this [temptation] involves sin, it will take grace in order to overcome.

And the good news is:

…what the good news has always been, is that