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Kindly ponder the following words from Alice von Hildebrand’s book ‘The Privilege of Being a Woman‘:

… the marvel of childbirth is that even though she (the mother) has only received a living seed — so microscopic that it is invisible to the human eye — after nine months she gives her spouse a human being, with an immortal soul made to God’s image and likeness.

The moment of conception takes place hours after the marital embrace, but when the sperm fecundates the female egg we can assume (even though it has never formally been taught by the Church) that at that very moment God creates the child’s soul — a totally new soul which, being immaterial, cannot be produced by human beings.

God therefore ‘touches’ the female body in placing this new soul into the temple of her womb.

This is another incredible privilege that the Creator grants to women.

During pregnancy, she has the extraordinary privilege of carrying two souls in her body.

If those unfortunate women who consider having an abortion were conscious of this, it is most unlikely that any of them would consent to the crime.

… Important as the role of the father is, women collaborate in a very special way with God’s creation of new human beings who are called upon to serve Him in this life and enjoy Him forever in Heaven.

From: The Privilege of Being A Woman by Alice von Hildebrand, Ph.D.; Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University — ISBN:0-9706106-7-x

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