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Remember to always show:

  • the greatest respect and
  • obedience

to every validly ordained Catholic priest.

If someone gossips about a priest

or says anything about a priest that is not worthy of his ‘sacred station’ learn to quickly and immediately say:

I have nothing but the greatest


admiration and

confidence in my priests and

I thank God for blessing us with their presence, their sacrifice and their service.

And I pray that you do too.

And then, do not encourage any further negative or undignified chit-chat on the matter and conclude the episode by remembering to, and actually, praying for the forgiveness of the gossipers and for the graces from heaven to ‘soften their hearts’ and to ‘support and defend’ the honor and sacrifice of God’s priests.

Having said this, ponder the following words manifested by Our Queen and Our Lady, Most Holy Mary, The Virgin Mother of God to the Venerable Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda for

  • new enlightenment of the world, for
  • rejoicing of the Catholic Church and for
  • the encouragement of men

(from The Mystical City of God, Volume 2: The Incarnation):

I wish… that thou imitate me in respecting the priests and ministers of the Lord,

who in the new law hold a much higher dignity than in the old,

since the divine Word has now united Itself with human nature and become the eternal High-Priest according to the order of Melchisedech (Psalm 109, 4).

Listen to their words and instructions, as God requires, whose place they take.

Consider the power and authority given them in the Gospels, where it is said:

‘Who hears you hears Me; who obeys you obeys Me’ (Luke 10, 16).

Strive after the perfection they teach thee.

Ponder and meditate without intermission upon that, which my most holy Son suffered,

so that thy soul be a participant in His sorrows.

Let the pious memory of His sufferings engender in thee such a disgust and abhorrence of all earthly pleasures that thou despise and forget all that is visible, and instead, follow the Author of eternal life.

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