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Let us think of the Virgin Mary.

She was conceived without sin and is not only the Mother of God (Mater Dei), but…

She is my Mother (Mater mea), my Confidence (Fiducia mea) and my Queen (Regina mea).

She is the Heavenly Mother of each and every one of us.

Therefore, since it is always right and proper for children to know as much about their Mother as is possible let us ponder the following words from a devout, Catholic mystic concerning our Blessed Mother in Heaven:

Ah! Could we… behold the beauty, the purity, the innocent wisdom of Mary!

She knew all things!

But in her humility, she appears unconscious of her gifts.

Like a child, she casts down her eyes; and when she raises them, her glance, like a flash of lightning, like the truth, like a ray of unsullied light,  pierces one through and through.

That is because she is perfectly pure, perfectly innocent, full of the Holy [Spirit], and without any reflection on self.

No one can resist her glance.

From: The Visions of The Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s ‘The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations Volume’ I pages 237-238; ISBN: 0-89555-787-8; TAN Publishing  1986 retypeset and republished edition. Nihil Obstat: Em. De Jaegher Can. lib. cens. Brugis, 14 February 1914 — Imprimatur: A.D. De Schrevel Vic. Gen. Brugis, 14 February 1914

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