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I have cancer and I’m afraid.

What should I do before I die?

… know that one day soon you will see the most beautiful face in the whole wide world…

and in all  of heaven…


And, all of the pain will be gone.

And, all the anxiety and frustration…

I want you to give these last moments or days totally to Him.

I want you to say to Him, ‘Lord, I give You my pain and my misery. My body is yours.

I give You my life, and I put my death into Your hands.

I desire nothing but Your Holy Will.’

Well, I think with something like that, when you see Him you’ll go right to heaven.

Because… cancer is a fearsome thing.

And, there’s another man who is listening to me now who also has cancer:

Don’t be afraid.

It’s a short pain for a beautifully long, joyful, wonderful eternity.

The pain we have here is of nothing compared to the glory that is to come.

I would ask both of you to pray for a very special intention of mine:

‘For the honor and glory of God, that when you get to see Him face-to-face, ask Him: —  Please keep Mother Angelica out of trouble.—

This counsel was provided (on an EWTN show by Mother Angelica that aired 5 January 1998) in response to the concerns expressed by two viewers who were suffering from terminal cancer. You can see and hear Mother Angelica by clicking on this link –> Mother’s Advice To Those Dying Of Cancer