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Saint Charles Borromeo, was a Cardinal, an Archbishop of Milan and a great confessor.

He lived between 1538 to 1584 A.D. and his feast day is celebrated on 4 November.

Following is a prayer by the great Saint to his Guardian Angel. This is a very important prayer that should be recited at least once in a person’s life and it is titled:

Recommendation To One’s Guardian Angel For A Happy Hour Of Death

My good Angel:

I know not when or how I shall die.

It is possible I may be carried off suddenly, and that before my last sigh I may be deprived of all intelligence.

Yet, how many things I would wish to say to God on the threshold of eternity.

In the full freedom of my will today, I come to charge you to speak for me at that fearful moment. You will say to Him, then, O my good Angel:

That I wish to die in the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church in which all the saints since Jesus Christ have died, and out of which there is no salvation.

That I ask the grace of sharing in the infinite merits of my Redeemer and that I desire to die in pressing to my lips the cross that was bathed in His Blood!

That I detest my sins because they displease Him, and that I pardon through love of Him all my enemies as I wish myself to be pardoned.

That I die willingly because He orders it and that I throw myself with confidence into His adorable Heart awaiting all His Mercy.

That in my inexpressible desire to go to Heaven I am disposed to suffer everything it may please His sovereign Justice to inflict on me.

That I love Him before all things, above all things and for His own sake; that I wish and hope to love Him with the Elect, His Angels and the Blessed Mother during all Eternity.

Do not refuse, O my Angel, to be my interpreter with God, and to protest to Him that these are my sentiments and my will.


‘Dear Saint Charles Borromeo, pray for us!’

‘Dear Jesus, I Thank Thee for all the graces Thou hast bestowed upon Saint Charles Borromeo.’

‘Blessed be God in all His Designs.’