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In casting your ballots, you should look well to the responsibilities under which every citizen of this free government is placed.

Let not the soft or alluring words of tricky politicians, or the seductive dollar turn you a hair’s breadth from your lawful path.

Vote not as other men dictate, but rather like men with the interest of your country at heart.

Vote according to the dictates of your own consciences.

From ‘Venerable Servant of God’ Reverend Michael McGivney, the Founder of the Knights of Columbus, given to his parishioners before the national election that took place in November of 1884.

With respect to the phrase: ‘Vote according to the dictates of your own consciences’ that only applies to people who have well formed consciences.

All those who are incarcerated have consciences. And the reason the truly guilty are imprisoned is because they either ignored a good conscience or followed a poorly formed one.

For those with poorly formed consciences, and who know it or suspect it, the advice should be: ‘In private, ask your priest how you should act and do whatever he tells you.’

And then pray for the grace of doing what is necessary to develop your conscience to a high and well-formed level.

Venerable Father Michael McGivney, pray for us!

Our Lady of America, pray for us and for our leaders.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us and for the conversion of ‘tricky politicians.’ Amen