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Not all people who call themselves Catholic are living as they should.

The so-called ‘Cafeteria Catholics’ are so named for their bad habit of picking and choosing which Church teachings they want to follow.

There are some people who don’t believe in the existence of purgatory or of hell and they mistakenly delude themselves into holding that if they don’t think purgatory or hell exists then it doesn’t… wrong, wrong, wrong…

Listen to what Father Andrew Apostoli of EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime show said on this topic:

Hell of course is one that a lot of people just want to deny.

… there’s a story I like to tell involving [Saint] Padre Pio; a man went to confession to him and…

Padre Pio said to him after hearing his sins, he said, ‘You know, you’d better change your life or you’re going to end up in hell.’

And the guy said, ‘Well Padre Pio, I don’t believe in hell.’

Padre Pio said, ‘You will when you get there!’

That’s too late. You don’t want to get there.

We want to believe in such a way that we will not be found unworthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Each Catholic must grow daily in faith, hope and charity.

A good way to ensure that you don’t stagnate or become weak in your faith is to daily recite the Act of Contrition, the Act of Faith, the Act of Hope and the Act of Love/Charity.

Say these prayers to remind yourself of the things about the faith that should ever be on your mind, and…

Recite these prayers to get in the good habit of praying daily because without continuous/daily prayer your faith will weaken.

Next, study the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

When in doubt on a subject, look it up in the Catechism.

When you have free time or are tempted to waste your precious time watching T.V. or reading a secular magazine (i.e. Time, Newsweek, People, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Garden, Readers’ Digest…) read a random part of the Catechism and ponder the words.

If your faith is weak you would do better to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church than to attempt to read and understand the Bible on your own.


Because the Catechism is the instructional guide to ‘Catholic Living’ that is in complete agreement with the Bible. And, by knowing your Catechism you will better understand the Words of God when you read the Bible.

Oh yes, and if you read the Bible, make certain you read the Catholic Bible (one with the approval of the Catholic Church in the form of a Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur or similar approbation) because many of the books the protestants use as bibles have missing or altered sections. So, go for the real stuff… read the genuine Catholic Bible, along with your Catechism, so as not to be led astray.

And, no more of this ‘picking and choosing’ what you want to believe about the faith.

The cafeteria is closed.

Eat what you are given and obey the Pope, your Bishop and your Pastor.

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless and protect you, your family members and your loved ones.

Vivat Jesus!

P.S. And if you aren’t praying the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mother every day, start now.