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Consolation and words of wisdom from EWTN Foundress Mother Angelica on the topic of grieving for a loved one who’s time on earth has come to an end:

It’s O.K. to grieve providing it (the grieving) doesn’t take the place of God.

You have to carry on your life and accept God’s will.

Does it hurt?

Sure it hurts.

Is it O.K. to cry sometimes?

I think so.

Jesus cried. Mary cried.

In fact, in many places of the world… They still cry. Uummh…

All these ‘crying statues’; I’m sure some aren’t right but some of them are right and real and for sure. Why?

So, our Holy Mother the Church is so wonderful to us so they make a day for us (i.e. All Souls Day) when we can pray for men and women, like you and me, who have been in Purgatory I’m sure some of the Saints went to Purgatory. Why not?

Some are not ‘perfect-perfect’ when they died.

There’s always somebody that we wish would slip on a banana peel somewhere!

I mean, we’re imperfect beings and our love for God, many times, is not what it should be and that’s why I thank God for Purgatory.

It’s such a wonderful place to know.

I would like to think that as soon as you went to Purgatory you would say:


Not too well, but, you made it.

The desire to go to Heaven and to see God grows and grows, and…

All these things that angered you, you were frustrated, all leave!

Like water off a duck’s back…

And then you will see God!

Aaaaaaah, you can’t imagine…

So, don’t fear death.

Work hard for where you are going.

… and never give up hope.

You know, a man can be the greatest, greatest sinner and that ‘one thing’ can happen to him and he will say, ‘Lord! I am soooo sorry I have offended You.’

Uuuumh? So…

Pray for the poor Souls in Purgatory…

The Saints, did awesome things… But, there are many Saints who didn’t do awesome things:

They lived, they were good, they tried, they rose, they fell, they had to go to Confession like you do, they had their temptations like you do and they overcame…

Now, that may be the difference.

So, they went to Purgatory and now for ever and ever, ever and ever, never ending, never ending, they will be with God!

Oooooh, you know, aaah, if we knew that one truth:  ‘I shall never die,’ ‘I shall be somewhere for ever.’

And that’s why we have ‘All Saints,’ and ‘All Souls’ Days.

Biblical references for the existence of Purgatory can be found at Dave Armstrong’s site Biblical Evidence for Catholicism.