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Let Us Pray For Those Who Seek The Truth

Dear Jesus, Mary and Joseph please bless and protect all those who ‘seek out divergent points of view’ in their quest to mold ‘an informed version of the truth’ in their own minds.

May they not fall into error in their quest.

May they not fall into the error of ‘private judgment.’

May they not lead themselves astray nor be the cause of the ruin of others.

May they grow in faith, hope and charity and become holier and holier with the passing of each new day.

May they be enlightened by the writings of Saint Pope Pius X in the encyclical On The Doctrines of the Modernists (also known as: Pascendi Dominici Gregis) and Dr. Don Felix Sarda Y Salvany‘s book called ‘What is liberalism?

May those who seek the truth discover that:

• truth is universally applicable,
• does not evolve or mutate or adapt to changing environmental/social/political or other conditions,
• can be simply stated,
• is pure,
• is internally self-consistent,
• exists eternally whether or not one person or many are aware of it, and
• Jesus is the Truth.

In Thy great mercy, Lord, forgive our sinfulness, heal our brokenness and renew our hearts so we may be one with Thee.