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It has been said that: ‘There is great importance in thanking God regularly when we pray and it is advisable to thank Him for all things, good and bad, on a daily basis.’

Why should we thank God for things that happened to us that did not go as we would have wanted?

Author Bert Ghezzi responses as follows:

I think people need to be thankful in all circumstances.

And, I believe that one of the ways to handle the bad things that happen is: having a daily time when I express my trust in God and express my thankfulness to God for all…

for everything,

so that when things don’t go right I’m not mad at God because… and I’m not asking: – WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME? –

I’m saying [instead]: Well, if trust You I expect You to bring something good out of this, aah, this doesn’t look so good to me but I expect that You will bring something good out of it.

Like Saint Thomas More before he died told Margaret [his daughter]: ‘Whatever happens is going to be the best thing.’

And he knew that he was going to have his head chopped off pretty soon, but he told his daughter, ‘Whatever comes, God is allowing it for a reason and something better and good will happen out of it.’

Now, how can we tell that something we ‘hear’ is really God speaking to us?

Test it [the thought, or the internal inspiration, or the voice] against several things.

Test it against Scripture, against Church Teaching, you know, test it against what inner sense you have, does it correspond with faith, with teaching, with Scripture and with my inner conviction and you know, sometimes you make a mistake.

Sometime you say, ‘I think God is leading me to do this…’

And you find out, ‘Well I guess it wasn’t [from God],’ but you have to accumulate experience with doing that.

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