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Bishop Macram Gassis spoke about the focus which priests must have concerning their vocation and the work they must do.

Consider the following transcription of the Most Reverend Macram Gassis’ advice:

… the community, they need a man of prayer, and a man of faith.

To help them to grow in the love of God.

And this is what is needed of the priests of today.

Many priests, at times, they become administrators rather than shepherds.

Let them throw the issue of administration to their parish council – to the lay people who know it better.

Just like in the ‘Apostolic Period,’ they put Deacons to serve the community, to look after the material needs of the community.

You priests, you chose to become a ‘spiritual brother,’ a ‘spiritual father’ to the community then BE spiritual – leave the material side to others.

To concentrate on the material things and administration doesn’t make us shepherds at all.

And that is what we need today: shepherds… shepherds.

The Church needs real shepherds who will not only solve the problem of the material poverty of the sheep but above all, the ‘spiritual poverty.’

There are so many people who are well dressed, have a lot of money, but they are miserable.

They are the most miserable people in our society because they are naked… spiritually.

And these are the people who we should (shepherd).

And this is more difficult, to be honest, than giving a shirt to a poor man, or loaf of bread but it needs… somebody who is mature and is a spiritual shepherd.

Let us pray for vocations (oremus):


You are the Good Shepherd.

You know each of us and You call us by name to serve in faith.

Help us respond generously to Your voice.

Give courage and guidance to those You call to the priesthood and the diaconate,

to religious life and lay ministry,

so they may respond wholeheartedly and serve devotedly.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.