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The Angels were created by God and were tested in Heaven.

Angels are pure spirits made to love, honor and serve God.

The test was to see which Angels were worthy of remaining eternally in Heaven.

Question: What was the Angels’ test?

Answer: The Angels’ test was being informed by God, according to His perfect plans and time table, that humans would be created (consisting of both soul and body) and that the Second Person of God would become man in order to redeem man after he (man) fell.

A group of Angels, led by the prideful Lucifer, could not accept God’s plan and refused to continue to align their will with that of God.

Consequently, a tremendous number of Angels (who from that moment onward lost their dignity as Angels and became devils: pure evil spirits), by revolting against God’s plan, thrust themselves out of Heaven. These pure spirits lost their places made for them in Heaven.

In His own time, God then created man and when Adam and Eve disobeyed their Creator and were punished, mankind’s test began.

Man’s test is to see if he is worthy of Heaven.

So, we are placed on earth to be tested.

We are exposed to good and to evil and each one of us, at any moment must decide whether to pick God’s way of doing things or not.

Read and ponder upon the following Old Testament verses1:

Consider that I have set before thee this day ‘life and good’, and on the other hand ‘death and evil’: (considera quod hodie proposuerim in conspectu tuo vitam et bonum et e contrario mortem et malum)

That thou mayst love the Lord thy God, and walk in his ways, and keep his commandments and ceremonies and judgments, and bless thee in the land, which thou shalt go in to possess. (ut diligas Dominum Deum tuum et ambules in viis eius et custodias mandata illius et caerimonias atque iudicia et vivas ac multiplicet te benedicatque tibi in terra ad quam ingredieris possidendam)

But if thy heart be turned away, so that thou wilt not hear, and being deceived with error thou adore strange gods, and serve them: (sin autem aversum fuerit cor tuum et audire nolueris atque errore deceptus adoraveris deos alienos et servieris eis)

I foretell thee this day that thou shalt perish, and shalt remain but a short time in the land, to which thou shalt pass over the Jordan, and shalt go in to possess it.(praedico tibi hodie quod pereas et parvo tempore moreris in terra ad quam Iordane transmisso ingredieris possidendam)

I call heaven and earth to witness this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose therefore life, that both thou and thy seed may live: (testes invoco hodie caelum et terram quod proposuerim vobis vitam et mortem bonum et malum benedictionem et maledictionem elige ergo vitam ut et tu vivas et semen tuum)

God made each of us in His image and He loves us very much and wants each of us to adore Him in Heaven for all of eternity but…

He gave each of us free will.

And, He will not prevent us from exercising our free will.

Let us always remember that we are in a test. We must past our test and we do this by aligning our will with that of God.

And let us teach those, who are entrusted to our care, about our test and how to pass it and thereby enjoy God’s presence for all of eternity.

May God direct our thoughts and our actions in the way of peace and the service of love.

St. Rose of Lima, pray for us.

  • 1. Deuteronomy Chapter 30 Verses 15-19