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Maybe you, or people you know, are discouraged and feel that the ideal vocation (or calling in life) remains uncertain.

How do you remain optimistic and not become afraid, disheartened or impatient?

Father Randy Musselman gave the following answer to a similar question posed to him on the Journey Home program aired 9 July 2012 with respect to a 40 year old person in this situation:

Well, she might have to wait another twenty years.

Again, we have to persevere, and trust in God.

We have to believe, as Jesus said, ‘I came so that you may have life and have it to the full,’ but He didn’t say ‘when!’

The timing is not our issue… we don’t control the time.

Christ controls the time.

Christ controls when things are going to happen.

We just prepare ourselves and we live the best we can.

We go through life, we pick up our cross and we follow Him, and we know not where and we know not the road and we know not how but we take up that cross and we follow him trusting that we are going in the (right) direction,

and eventually we get to a place where He says, ‘Now, here’s a different cross for you to carry.’

… the timing is never ours.

Click on the following link now to see and hear this interview -> Journey Home – 2012-07-09 – Former Baptist – Marcus Grodi with Fr Randy Musselman