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While we Roman Catholics are obligated to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Sundays and on Holy Days of obligations we can, and are encouraged to, attend Mass each and every day.

Consider this: Only God knows the exact number of days between the day of your ‘First Communion’ and the day that you will pass out of this earthly existence into eternity. And, He has reserved one Consecrated Host for you, one for each day of that time period.

Knowing this, the next question is, ‘How many of the Consecrated Hosts that are reserved for me, will I actually seek out and receive worthily from the hands of a validly consecrated priest?’

Interesting question…

How many Consecrated Hosts, reserved for me during my earthly test, will I leave behind in the Chalice?

It’s true, that going to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not an easy task but it can be done and has been done. Not by many, but by those who act on the grace to unite their will to the Will of God.

In the absence of a spiritual director we may not be able, on our own to develop the habit of going to daily Mass but we can study the lives of Saints and of role-model Catholics to give us encouragement and show us ‘by example’ how to become a little more holy each day.

Interviewer Raymong Arroyo1 asked the following questions to the son of a man who attended not only Sunday Mass but Mass every day of the week:

You accompanied him (your father) many times to Mass.

You… would go to daily Mass with him, and of course, on Sunday.

What was that like and did he ever offer any counsel about… because,

Let’s face it, it’s tough to get up at the crack of dawn and meet this obligation and decide, ‘I’m going to go to Mass every day.’

That’s a tough ritual and yet he maintained it.

Here’s the son’s response:

He did it everyday.

It didn’t matter whether he was on the road, in this country or abroad, whenever we checked-in to a hotel the first question he would ask is, ‘What’s the Mass schedule?’

So he wanted to go the next day. It was part of his routine and it made him, I think, when he got down on his knees and asked for help, he realized that he wasn’t God.

And he realized that God was in charge and that he needed God’s help.

And, I think one of the things he did tell me is that before he went to daily Mass he’d spend ten or fifteen minutes getting ready…

So it was a process of getting ready to go to Mass and getting on your knees and understanding that you weren’t God and ask Him for that help and support…

And, I think that it fired him up.

He came out of Mass, every day, excited for the day.

Whether the day was just to enjoy nature or whether it was enjoying the person in front of him…

And, that person could be a cab driver, the guy from the gas station, a grandchild, or a Cardinal, or a President of the United States.

He treated them all the same because he thought that they were really sent from God.

He really believed that…

He wanted to be a ‘good son of God.’

… And, mother went to Mass every day of her life…

And, I think that’s what pulled them through 56 years of marriage.

Click on this link to see and hear the interview between Mark Shriver and Raymond Arroyo on EWTN News ‘The World Over’

1. Interview aired on EWTN’s ‘The World Over’ news broadcast that aired on 26 July 2012 A.D. between Raymond Arroyo and Mark Shriver (author and philanthropist).