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What do you do if you are struggling with a certain temptation?

How do you respond when you find yourself confessing a particular sin but end up commiting that same sin again?

For those people who need encouragement and guidance, in not giving up when things are tough, consider Father Randy Musselman’s advice on how you should view this battle to rid yourself of this sin once and for all:

Well you can’t.

Only God can do that.

And we find, even Saint Paul said that he… had a thorn in the flesh.

We all have our thorns.

And, the thing is to never give up (never give up… never, never give up fighting to do the right thing).

Sometimes we take two steps forward and three steps back, but we never give up.

And that’s what God is really looking (for).

He’s not looking for us to be victorious at ourselves.

He’s the One that makes us victorious.

But, we never give up.

And sooner or later, just in our persistence we overcome.

You can hear and see Fr. Musselman’s answer by clicking on this EWTN link where Marcus Grodi interviewed good priest.

Father Randy Musselman is a former Baptist who converted to Roman Catholicism. Earlier in life he was married, helped raise a family (two daughters) and later, after his wife died suddenly of cancer he discerned God’s calling and is now an Associate Paster at Nativity Catholic Church in Hollywood, Florida.