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The following is excerpted from Father Leo J. Trese’s book ‘The Faith Explained’:

… Prayer is defined as ‘the lifting up of our minds and hearts to God.’…

We raise our hearts to God when we let our will go out in an act of love to God: much as a husband, watching over the top of his newspaper as his wife feeds the baby, lets his will go out in an act of love (perhaps unspoken) to both of them.

The need for prayer (and without prayer there is no salvation) is rooted in man’s very nature as a creature of God and as the recipient of His bounty.

God made us, body and soul.

We belong to Him one hundred percent.

Every good thing that comes to us has its source in God; we depend upon Him for the very air we breathe.

Because of this relationship to God, we owe God the duty of prayer. Prayer is an act of justice, not merely an act of piety. Prayer is a debt that we must pay, not merely a graceful gesture that we choose to make.

Every day we should pray the Act of Faith, the Act of Hope, the Act of Love, and the Act of Contrition. And, we should teach our children these prayers and have them recite these four important prayers every day.