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Following is an excerpted transcription of an interview between the host, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, and his guest Fr. Sean Davidson. The interview was aired on A.D. 17 June 2012 on the EWTN show Sunday Night Prime:

Fr. Benedict: … we believe very seriously and explicitly in the Divinity of Christ. That, you know, that He was not just ‘divine and a nice man,’ He came out of all eternity as read particularly in the Gospel of St. John. It’s very clear that the Son of God comes down and lives amongst us.

Fr. Davidson: And, I think on the subject of the Eucharist we must always affirm very strongly the Divinity of Christ and… Jesus is to be adored because He is God… The little Saint Therese, when she was a child her sister asked her, ‘How on earth can Jesus be present in that little Host? How can we explain it? How can it be possible?’ And Saint Therese responded, ‘Because, He is God and He can do what He likes.’ So, that is the ultimate explanation. If we don’t believe in the Divinity of Christ, first of all, or affirm it very strongly, it is very hard for people to understand how He could have instituted the Eucharist and how could this great miracle, one of the greatest miracles of His life, if not the greatest, to make Himself present under the appearances of bread and wine how could He do so if He were not Almighty God incarnate…

Fr. Benedict:… well, in this country I’m not worried about the Protestants, and I’m not worried about the Jews, and I’m not worried about the Muslims; I’m worried about the Catholics! …Because, unfortunately to say, that in a number of Catholic Colleges and Universities there is a kind of skepticism that you see there and a ‘smart-alec’… my grandmother use to say, ‘Put a beggar on horseback and he’ll ride himself to death.’ But how beautiful is the ‘Eucharistic Belief.’ …

Fr. Davidson: We (Misssionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist) go to parishes, where ever we are invited, and we do little parish missions… just to help people come to Eucharistic Adoration and you know, as you said, the Catholics sometimes cause us more distress than anybody else when we see the trends in the Catholic Church and I believe, as Catholics, because we have the treasure of the presence of Jesus incarnate, the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, that we must live fully from that Eucharistic presence and when we do that we have a saint. That’s what a ‘(Blessed) Solanus Casey’ is, or a ‘John Vianney’ is… somebody who really lives from that Eucharistic mystery… we must have our particular emphasis on the Eucharist. If we don’t, then I think the insult (to Our Lord) is so grave. We live in the ‘Palace of the King.’ He is with us day and night and if we don’t respect Him and honor Him, draw life from His real presence we lose the grace that we should have from the insults to His Majesty. His presence in the Eucharist is deserving of all honor and all the dignity that we can manage to give Him.

You can see and hear the interview by clicking on this link: Sunday Night Prime 17 June 2012