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There are some who ignore the messages given to the world by ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ to the three children Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco.

The apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima and her messages are often labeled, by some, as ‘private revelation’ and therefore not binding on those who did not directly experience the revelation.

Consider the following excerpt of an article by Reverend Nicholas Gruner who states that the Fatima messages belong to ‘public prophetic revelation’ and not ‘private revelation’ and must therefore be believed and obeyed:

A private revelation, strictly speaking, is a message to an individual from God or a saint that he is bound to believe. So, if Our Lady appeared to one of you, or your patron saint appeared, and told you what you must do in order to save your soul, or what you must do tomorrow, or even in the next hour, that revelation which you have, which no one else can verify, would be private and no one else would be bound to believe it except yourself.

Fatima is Public        But Fatima is not unverifiable, and it’s not a message for one individual. It’s a public message given to the whole Church and verified by a public miracle and public prophecies. And the consequences of ignoring the requests of Our Lady of Fatima are catastrophic. Fatima is a public, prophetic revelation, and as such, once the Church has examined it and found it worthy of belief, Natural Law and Sacred Scripture tell us what we must do. In 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21, St. Paul writes ‘Do not extinguish the spirit. Do not despise prophecies. But test all things and hold fast that which is good.’

Fatima is Prophetic        The Message of Fatima is a public revelation; it’s a prophecy. The Church has tested it and found it to be good and, therefore, we are bound to hold fast to it. To take the attitude that it can be ignored without consequences would be to despise prophecy. Otherwise, we would be extinguishing the spirit, and if we could do that, we could then say ‘Well, it’s uncomfortable for me to consecrate Russia,’ or ‘It’s uncomfortable for me to pray the Rosary every day,’ or ‘It’s uncomfortable for me to do this or to do that, and so I don’t want to do it.’

So all I have to do is simply say ‘I don’t have to believe it,’ and then I can peacefully go on my way and say, on Judgment Day, ‘Well, I didn’t know You wanted me to pray the Rosary. I didn’t know You wanted me to promote the Message of Fatima. I didn’t know You wanted me to consecrate Russia.’ The Lord will say ‘Well, you were told.’ ‘Oh, but I was told it was a private revelation which I didn’t need to obey to save my soul.’ ‘Well you were told by Me in no uncertain terms. I worked a great miracle so that you would know that this message came from Me. You just did not want to hear. You wanted to shut Me off. You obviously were trying to extinguish My Spirit. That excuse will not excuse you. Don’t bother to tell Me that Cardinal Ratzinger and Father Fox said it would. You know better! To ignore it is to extinguish the Holy Spirit, Who spoke to you through this prophecy. You despised prophecy, you’re guilty, and it’s too bad for you.’

It is what Sister Lucy in her famous interview with Father Fuentes spoke about: ‘To refuse the known truth is a sin against the Holy Spirit. God has given the evidence that the Message of Fatima comes from Him.’

Click on this link to read the entire article called: ‘The Church’s Obligation to Believe and Obey Our Lady of Fatima’ written by by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Dear Jesus, Thank You for all the graces and gifts You bestowed upon Our Lady of Fatima and upon all of Your Holy Saints and Angels. Amen.