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One may ask, ‘How does the way other people act affect you or any one else?’

The answer is clearly presented by Dr. William Donohue, author of ‘Why Catholicism Matters,’ on EWTN’s ‘World Over’ news interview of 31 May 2012 A.D. as follows:

If my neighbor across the hall beats his wife it has no direct effect on me.

But, if I want to live in a sane society I have to be concerned about ‘men beating women,’ and I have to be concerned about the way children are reared.

Marriage is not about love.

It’s not about adults.

Marriage is about procreation: it’s about children.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t need to institutionalize it would we?

All we’d simply have is people simply fornicating and falling in love.

Ahhh, Fred and Fido (the former’s pet dog) could be in love and we don’t want to see that ‘going down the aisle’ next.

The fact of the matter is this:

(First we have to ask the question) Is marriage between a man and a woman, for the purpose of reproduction, is that special?

If it is, it has to be treated special and in the law.

If it’s an ‘alternative lifestyle’ then we shouldn’t give it any benefits whatsoever.

Look, people say to me, ‘How does it affect you?’

I am a veteran. I am entitled to ‘veteran’s benefits.’ If they (the government) give those benefits to non-veterans they have in effect de-valued the privileged position that I have which I think I’ve earned.

Now, if marriage is important, and all the sociological literature show, that children need a mother and a father.

They don’t need ‘two adults’ or ‘three adults.’

They need a mother and a father for various psychological and sociological reasons.

If we know the answer and nature has ordained

Nature has ordained that ‘two men can not have children,’ and ‘two women can not have children,’ therefore it makes no sense to extend an institution and to make it so elastic as to encompass ‘Tom, Dick and Harry,’ because that’s the next step…

In the entire history of the world every major religion (in) Western Civilization, Eastern Civilization, they’ve all thought it absolutely normal to create an institution marriage and typically between a man and a woman…

It’s as though yesterday we woke up and said, ‘Everybody throughout history has been wrong.’

This kind of cultural arrogance that you have to be engaged in letting Tom and Dick to get married and Tom, Dick and Harry to get married because they’re in love…

A brother and sister went to court because they wanted to get married. (With current arguments to allow people who ‘are in love’ to marry one another) How can you say no to them?