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… She (the Blessed Virgin Mary) said, ‘Yes,’ ‘Yes’ to God…

Faith is an intellectual assent to truth.

I know that we had the feast of the Holy Trinity last Sunday, and I know that there are three Persons in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

But, They are not three Gods.

There’s only one God.

You say, ‘Well, I don’t understand that.’

Well, there’s only one of me sitting here.

But, inside of me are three things just like God (we are made in) the image of God.

My memory, my intellect and my will, and none of them are alike.

You don’t remember with your intellect do you?

Did you ever remember with your ‘reason’?

Try it, there’s nothing there. You can’t do that.

You remember with your memory. Right?

You imagine with your imagination (your intellect).

But, (your memory’s) different from your reasoning isn’t it?

Totally different, but there’s only one of you…

Now, I have a ‘will’ and my will is not my intellect and my will is not my memory…

There’s only one of you… that’s how you are made in the image of the Trinity.

There’s only one God but three Divine Persons.

That’s awesome.

I can trust that God.

I don’t need to know ‘the end of the road.’

You don’t need to know ‘the end of the road.’

And ‘faith’ to me is a vision…

Faith is a vision because you see something that nobody else sees…

The above quotation was transcribed from a Mother Angelica Live EWTN program in which Mother Angelica gave Catechism lessons on air.