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‘An 18 year old leads an army, defeats a world power and crowns a king, all in a matter of 6 months.’

This isn’t fiction…

It’s an historical fact and the heroine is “St. Joan of Arc”.

And, she suffered greatly for her heroic deeds.


The ‘Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians and Scribes’ who committed Dei-cide nearly 2000 years ago (by putting to death ‘The Son of God made the Son of Man; Jesus Christ’) are always with us.

They have great pride and despise being criticized, rebuked or contradicted. They say, ‘Who do you think you are?’ to those who question them or give them the truth.

Joan of Arc upset the ‘Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians and Scribes’ of her day by revealing to them that their ‘world-view’ was wrong.

As an academic I can tell you that academia is not the nicest place in the world…

[During St. Joan of Arc’s time] the University of Paris was in the hands of Bishops.

And, the problem of Bishops being academics, many times, is that academics aren’t exactly humble people. They seem to think of themselves as a repository of the ‘truth.’

And so, ‘Don’t you dare contradict me because I’m a professor.’

Now, if you put that together with ambition then you’ve got this terrible mix of this Bishop, who is after Joan of Arc, because…

And, I think that it’s envy, she had what he didn’t.

The ‘direct revelation’ [from Heaven] and since he couldn’t fit it in with what he thought was right, and as an academic he thought that he had to be right, because he’s a professor, so he can’t be wrong, that signed her death.

From an interview between EWTN’s Doug Keck and Philosophy Professor and biographer Siobhan [pronounced Sha-von; variant of Joan] Nash-Marshall, speaking about ‘Joan of Arc A Spiritual Biography’:

She undermined everything that they ever did…

And to put it in contemporary terms it would be something like this:

When your government has an agenda, and you have a whole series of professors and intellectuals who are arguing for the agenda and then you have someone who contradicts the agenda…

And, she’s winning on the field.

And, I’m thinking about some of the political agendas that we can see today in the world.

Now, let’s say there is one girl, seventeen, who all of a sudden started to win, let’s say, media battles.

And in the government, who has its own agenda, wouldn’t like this very much so, what they have to do is get her out of the way. But,

The message will still stay.

So, what they have to do is ‘prove’ [even at the expense of violating the 8th Commandment of God:  You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor] that she is a fake because then, the message won’t stay…

The English think they have the Divine Right to France…

This girl comes and wins on the battle field…

Hear and see the actual interview at this link: Joan of Arc A Spiritual Biography.