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The mercy of Jesus has no boundaries. It is infinite.

He asks that all of His followers must be brave and proclaim His Word to all we come into contact.

We must dismiss any scorn that we encounter letting it flow off us like water off the back of a duck. It is too important now to ignore Jesus’ pleas for conversions.

Recite this prayer now to give you the encouragement you need:

Fill me now, O Lord, with the gift of the Holy Spirit to carry Thy Most Holy Word to sinners who I must help save in Thy name.

Help me to cover them, through my prayers, with Thy precious blood so that they can be drawn to Thy Sacred Heart; ah, a Heart that beats as one with the Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary (Your Most Pure, Virgin Mother).

Give me the gift of the Holy Spirit so that these poor souls can revel in Thy New Paradise for ever and ever.