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Hear are the words of Mr. David Came regarding the case of a religious sister who suffered from severe case of Parkinson’s Disease and her temptation to doubt the goodness of God:

‘With Sister (Marie) Simon-Pierre, the nun who was healed instantly, she was also a nurse. She works in a Paris clinic with mothers and their premature babies.

When she was initially praying for a healing and she was having difficulty believing because her Parkinson’s (Disease condition) was worsening the Lord gave her the scripture passage of The Holy Gospel Of Jesus Christ According To St. John Chapter 11 Verse 40: ‘Jesus saith to her: Did not I say to thee that if thou believe, thou shalt see the glory of God? (dicit ei Iesus nonne dixi tibi quoniam si credideris videbis gloriam Dei)’

It’s the words of Jesus to Martha before He raises Lazarus from the dead and she (Sister Marie Simon-Pierre) said that scripture helped sustain her through the darkness of her illness until she was healed. And then, she said, that at the Beatification (Ceremony) of John Paul II, on Divine Mercy Sunday, she said, ‘I saw the glory of God.’

Click on this link to hear and see Mr. David Came, Executive Editor of Marian Helpers Magazine speaking with Fr. Benedict Groeschel on the EWTN show Sunday Night Prime, speaking the above words.