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…  I remember it as a little boy, coming into my Grandmother’s house and I heard this voice say, ‘…and I have asked Congress for a Declaration of War.’ And, that was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

And that was the beginning of the American participation in the war. Already, England and France were already there. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor… a terrible time.

And, we prayed every day for peace.

And, gradually as I was an older kid, a very young teen, we would day after day look in the paper and see the battle lines coming across France, then into Germany and, in the Far East.

And, I remember the day the war was over… I walked up to Church, about a half of a mile, to go to Church and it was a Friday afternoon; at 4 o’clock.

And… we had signals for the fire department they were almost like a big bugle, ‘Waaaa-Waaaa-Waaaa!’ And, they were all ringing.

And, when we came along the main street, the lights of all the windows of the Churches and the Synagogue were lighted up and we went into Church: The Crowds filled the whole Church! Out the front door, down the street… great crowds!

I was an Altar Boy, and I said to Father Fitzpatrick, I said, ‘Look! Look at the great number of people!’

He said, ‘Take a good look! You won’t see some of them until we have another war!’

Listen to Father Benedict Groeschel’s own words by clicking on this link.