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The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, and our Heavenly Mother, is a model for all Christians to imitate.

We learn about the wonders of the Blessed Virgin Mother from several sources: 1) the Holy Gospels, 2) Church teachings and tradition, 3) prophetic public revelations (i.e. apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France and at Fatima, Portugal), and 4) writings of approved Catholic saints, mystics and visionaries (i.e. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Venerable Mary of Agreda, Saint Gertrude the Great, Saint Maria Faustina, Saint Bernadette Soubirous, Venerable Francisco and Jacinto Marto, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Saint Catherine Laboure, and others).

Here is a conversation between the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Angels, which occurred during her visit to the house of Zacharias (Saint Elizabeth’s husband) to care for her pregnant cousin:

Heavenly spirits, my guardians and companions, ambassadors of the Most High and luminaries of His Divinity,

come and strengthen my heart, which is captured and wounded by His divine love; for it is afflicted with its own limitations which are known to it and which dictate its desires.

Come, ye supernal princes, and praise with me the admirable name of the Lord and let us magnify His holy judgments and operations.

Help this poor little worm to praise its Maker, Who condescends kindly to look upon its insignificance.

Let us talk of the wonders of my Spouse;

Let us discuss the beauty of my Lord, of my beloved Son!

Let my heart find relief in uniting its inmost aspirations to your own, my friends and companions; for you do know the secrets of my Treasure, which the Lord has deposited within me in the narrowness of so fragile and constrained a vase. Great are these sacraments and admirable these mysteries;

and I contemplate them with sweet affection, but their supernal greatness overwhelms me, the profundity and the greatness of my love overpowers me even while they inflame my heart.

In the ardor of my soul I cannot rest satisfied and I find no repose;

for my desires surpass all that I can accomplish and my obligations are greater than my desires;

I am dissatisfied with myself, because I do not exert myself as much as I desire, because I do not desire to accomplish as much as I should, and because I find myself continually falling short and vanquished by the greatness of the returns which are due.

Ye heavenly seraphim, listen to my loving anxieties; I am fallen sick with love.

Open to me your bosoms, whence the beauty of my God is flashed forth, in order that the splendors of His light and the visions of His loveliness may replenish the life, which wastes away in His love.

Having uttered those words, the holy angels responded:

Mother of our Creator and our Mistress,

Thou possessest truly the Almighty and our highest Good.

Since Thou hast Him so closely bound to Thee and art His true Spouse and Mother, rejoice in Him and keep Him with Thee for all eternity.

Thou art the Spouse and the Mother of the God of love, and as in Thee is the only cause and fountain of life, no one shall live with Him as Thou, our Queen and Mistress.

But do not seek to find repose in a love so inflamed;

for thy state and condition of a pilgrim do not permit thy love to attain the repose of perfect consummation, nor will it cease to aspire to new and greater increase of merit and triumph.

Thy obligations surpass without comparison those of all the nations; but they are to increase and grow continually; never will thy so vastly inflamed love equal its Object, since It is eternal and infinite and without measure in Its perfection;

Thou shalt always be happily vanquished by Its greatness;

for no one can comprehend It; only He Himself comprehends Himself and loves Himself in the measure, in which He deserves to be loved.

Eternally, O Lady, shalt Thou find in Him more to desire and more to love, since that is required by the essence of His greatness and of our beatitude.

At times, the holy angels would appear to Our Blessed Lady in human forms and she would converse with them. Now, angels possess intellects that far surpass human comprehension yet Our Blessed Virgin Mother was gifted with so many graces from the Triune Divinity that she would cause the angels to ponder the depths of her knowledge.

Here is what the Blessed Virgin Mary said on one occasion:

My lords, servants of the Most High and His friends,

my heart is pierced and torn by arrows of grief, when I meditate on what the sacred Scriptures say of my most holy Son or what Isaias and Jeremias wrote (Gen. 22,2; Isai. 33,2; Jerem. 11,18) concerning the most bitter pains and torments in store for Him.

Solomon says (Wis. 2, 20), that they shall condemn Him to a most ignominous death and the Prophets always speak in weighty and superlative terms of His Passion and Death, which all are to be fulfilled in Him.

O were it the will of His Majesty that I live at that time in order to offer myself to die instead of the Author of my life!

My soul is sorely afflicted in the consideration of these infallible truths and that my God and my Lord should come forth from my womb only in order to suffer.

O who will guard Him and defend Him against His enemies!

O tell me, ye heavenly princes, by what services or by what means can I induce the eternal Father to divert the rigor of His justice upon me, in order that the Innocent, who cannot have any guilt upon Him, may be freed from punishment?

Well do I know that in order to satisfy the infinite God for the offenses of men, the satisfaction of the incarnate God is required; but by His first act my most holy Son has merited more than all the human race can lose or demerit by its offenses. Since this is sufficient, tell me, is it not possible that I die in order to relieve Him from His death and torments? My humble desires will not be annoying to my God, and my anxieties will not be displeasing to Him.

Yet, what am I saying? and to what lengths do sorrow and love drive me, since I must be subject in all things to the divine will and its perfect fulfillment?

The Blessed Virgin Mary spoke in this manner to the angels of her guard during her pregnancy. On their part, the holy angels “met all her anxieties and comforted her with great reverence, consoling Her by renewing the memory of the very sacraments, which She already knew and reminding Her of the reasonableness and propriety of the death of Christ for the salvation of the human race, for the conquest of the demons and spoliation of their power, for the glory of the eternal Father and the exaltation of the most holy and highest Lord His Son (Tim. 2,14).

“So great and exalted were the mysteries touched upon in these discourses of the Queen with the holy angels, that neither can the human tongue describe, nor our capacity comprehend them in this life.

“When we shall enjoy the Lord we shall see what we cannot at present conceive.

“From this little which I have said,” writes Venerable Sister Mary of Agreda, “our piety can help us to draw conclusions in regard to others much greater.”

Let us examine what the sacred Scriptures says of The Virgin Mary’s most holy Son, in particular what Isaias and Jeremias wrote (Gen. 22,2; Isai. 33,2; Jerem. 11,18) concerning the most bitter pains and torments in store for Jesus.

Genesis Chapter 22 Verse 2:

ait ei tolle filium tuum unigenitum quem diligis Isaac et vade in terram Visionis atque offer eum ibi holocaustum super unum montium quem monstravero tibi (He said to him: Take thy only begotten son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and go into the land of vision; and there thou shalt offer him for an holocaust upon one of the mountains which I will shew thee.)

Isaias Chapter 33 Verse 2:

Domine miserere nostri te expectavimus esto brachium eorum in mane et salus nostra in tempore tribulationis (O Lord, have mercy on us: for we have waited for thee: be thou our arm in the morning, and our salvation in the time of trouble.).

Jeremias Chapter 11 Verse 18:

tu autem Domine demonstrasti mihi et cognovi tunc ostendisti mihi studia eorum. (But thou, O Lord, hast shewn me, and I have known: then thou shewedst me their doings.)

Solomon in the Book of Wisdom Chapter 2 Verse 20:

morte turpissima condemnemus illum erit enim ei respectus ex sermonibus illius. (Let us condemn him to a most shameful death: for there shall be respect had unto him by his words.)

Second Epistle of Saint Paul to Saint Timothy Chapter 2 Verse 14:

haec commone testificans coram Domino noli verbis contendere in nihil utile ad subversionem audientium. (Of these things put them in mind, charging them before the Lord. Contend not in words: for it is to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers.)

Above quotes concerning conversations between the Blessed Virgin Mary and her angels are from the “Mystical City of God – The Miracle of His Omnipotence and the Abyss of His Grace The Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother of God Our Queen and Our Lady, Most Holy Mary Expiatrix of the Fault of Eve and Mediatrix of Grace, Manifested in these later ages by that Lady to her handmaid: Sister Mary of Jesus, Superioress of the convent of the Immaculate Conception of the town of Agreda, of the province of Burgos in Spain, under obedience to the regular observance of the seraphic father Saint Francis for new enlightenment of the world, for rejoicing of the Catholic Church, and encouragement of men”.