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The following prayer is a valid Roman Catholic Prayer that has been suppressed since Vatican II by being ignored. It’s a lovely and powerful prayer insofar the one who recites it piously can gain indulgences. Reciting this prayer satisfies the requirement for performing a spiritual work of mercy, specifically: “Praying For The Living and The Dead”.

But first some background.

Scandinavia was converted from paganism to the Roman Catholic Faith by the 11th Century. The Catholic Church in Scandinavia grew and the nation remained Catholic until the population was thrust into heresy when Lutheranism was established as the official state religion in the 1500s. This is an historical example of religious liberty being trampled upon and having profound negative impact for countless souls over many centuries.  Current statistics show that only about 1% of Scandinavians are Roman Catholic and many of these are not native born but immigrants.

Let us pray very much for the conversion of the Scandavians:

GOOD JESUS, prostrate at Thy feet, we humbly implore Thee, by Thy most sacred wounds and by the Precious Blood which Thou didst shed for the salvation of the whole world, that Thou wouldst deign to cast a look of pity on the peoples of Scandinavia, seduced from the Faith for so many centuries, and plunged in the darkness of heresy, separated from thy Church, deprived of the participation of the adorable Sacrament of Thy Body and Blood, and of the other Sacraments instituted by Thee, as the refuge of souls in life and in death.

Remember, O Redeemer of the world, that for these souls too Thou didst suffer bitter death,

with the loss of all Thy blood.

Bring back, O good Shepherd, these wandering sheep of Thine to the one fold and to the healthy pastures of Thy Church, so that they may form with us one flock, tended by Thee, and by thy Vicar on earth, the supreme Pontiff, whom, in the person of the Apostle St. Peter, Thou didst commission to feed Thy sheep and Thy lambs.

Graciously hear, O good Jesus, the prayers which we offer Thee with the most lively trust in the love of Thy Sacred Heart, and to Thy most holy Name be praise, glory, honor, world without end.  Amen.

N.B. This prayer is from the Raccolta and was written by Pope Leo XIII on 18 April 1885 and had a 300 day indulgence attached to its pious recitation.